Friday, December 19, 2008

What a Sugary Christmas!

Hello people of all ages. Welcome to a world of festivities. December is one of my favorite times of year (along with Summer break, Spring break, and Thanksgiving break ^x^). So many things happen then.

First Amberstripe and Blotchblaze (mine and Silversong's stuffed animals) have their anniversary on the 16th (but this year they celebrated on the 18th). Then we have the Tuesday before Christmas where me and Squirtle exchange Christmas gifts. Then comes Christmas eve. Our church has a 5-o-clock service, and every year I play piano before the service.

Then it is Christmas morning. All the presents awaiting us, and Teddiursa sneaking downstairs before the opening of presents. Naughty naughty girl. Then of course new years eve... the most important day of the year. Why is that? It's my birthday! But today, I'm going to talk about Christmas eve and Christmas morn.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is going to church service. I really like playing piano there, and this year I'm playing "I Wonder as I Wander." And I also really love singing "Silent Night." When the lights all go out, and we wave candles. It's so awesome.

And who could forget Christmas dinner? All that food on the table, begging to be eaten. Especially the ham, deviled eggs, and more. And desert... I think I have a pie with my name on it xD

Then there's Christmas morning. And the knowledge that I'll get more of this stuff 6 days later. Some of my favorite gifts are these:

The gift of life (given to me 6 days after Christmas, thanks mom!), My Nintendo DS (thanks granny!) my mp3 player (thanks daddy!), I giant bag of summer things for a surprise cruise in April (thanks Nina!) and my yellow puffle (thanks Teddirusa!). And of course my old bike (which is now too small for Teddiursa) and some electric scooters. Thanks for the gift of vehicels! I hope for the Christmas that I'm 15, I'll get a car (I'll be able to drive it on my own 6 days later. Until then, I'll stick with my learner's permit xD)

One vivid memory I have is from our old house. Teddiursa was about 3 or 4, and she got a mini slide. And all she ever wanted to do was go up and down the slide. No opening more presents, oh no. Because slides are all the rage.

Speaking of Christmas presents. I have a present for you:

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sugary Guide to Disney World

Hello world and all who inhabit it! Today, I'll be talking about Disney from a kid's perspective. I'll be discussing all the rides I've been on, and how much awesomeness they are made of. Now, lets talk about Magic Kingdom.

Ahh Magic Kingdom. Home of Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain. Those are three of my favorite rides in Magic Kingdom. The wet/rollarcoasters. My faves.

Splash Mountain is my favorite out of these three. You start by waiting in line for an hour. At least. Our shortest wait time was about an hour. Haha. There are signs all over the place saying: "You may get wet!"

When you've stood in line for at least an hour, you get into the log flune thingy. Where there are no seatbelts. No over the head bars. No bars at all. Just you and the log. And a little something in front of you to hold on to.

Now, as you are calmly swaying in the boat, through whatever disney movie it was made after, you come across a drop. Fear enters your body. But as you go down, you realize it is only about a 3 foot drop. Scary, if you are an ant.

As you go along, you come across a medium sized drop. And the drop is in darkness. MUAHAHA. After floating along, you begin to go up a large track. O so very LARGE. While riding up, you stomach practices gymnastics. Then you must smile, because all great log flumes take your picture. Before you know it, you are plunging to your death. Oh wait, you live. Nevermind.

Now for my other favorite ride in Magic Kingdom: Space mountain. I reccomend going during the fireworks, or getting a fastpass. Fastpasses can be discussed over on Mom's Blog.

Anyway, if you go during fireworks, you can run through the line. For five minuets. With your dad.Unless you dad is in a retirement home. Then, you can't. Anyway, once you get to the loading area, you will be asked to pick a seat. And they aren't together. If you don't like drops, sit in the middle. You can apparently feel the drops more if you sit in the back.

Another tip: Don't stick your hands up! The tracks are too close together. But if you don't want your arm/arms, stick them up as much as you want!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Caramelldansen with MOI!

Hi peoples! It's Sugar! I'm going to start my own meme. There are only 10 questions involved. Now buckle your seatbelts...

1: What is your themesong this very second? Me: Caramelldansen by...Caramell. Why? Because I feel so hyperfied right now ^x^

2: What is your favorite kind of cheese? Me: Hmm... Havarti or provolone

3: Do you have an alter ego? If so, what is his/her name? Me: Yes, I have 2. One is Bubble and the other is Diana. I don't know why I have 2 ^x^

4: What is your favorite book series: Warriors. And Twilight. Hey Lula. I got Pichu addicted to Twilight. and Edward

5: What is your favorite food? Me: Desert: PIE non Desert: Grits Cassaroll

6: How many followers do you have for your blog? Me: A Pitiful 3 ^x^ While my mom has 187. Possibly more.

7: Favorite Candy? Me: Recees. Chocolate and penut butter. What not to like?

8: What is your favorite milk? Me: 2%

9: Your superhero name (use your favorite drink and 2nd favorite color): Purple 2%milk!

10: Are you a happy fluffy bunnysquirrel? Me: YES YES AND YES!

Yeah. Now here's the deal: You have to erase my answers and fill yours in. And then tag 5 people. OK, so I tag...

Mom from Sunshine and Lemonade

Rhea from Texas Word Tangle

Lizzie from Journey to the Hot Tub

Kori from Between a Whisper and a Roar


Lula! from Lulaville

I'm too lazy to do links.

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P.S. I will ocasionally post a themesong. Today's is Caramelldansen by Caramell!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Going Insane

Hello world and all who inhabit it! My mom over at Sunshine and Lemonade tagged me for a meme. Sort of. She uses random letter generator to find me a random letter! So what is my letter, you ask? Can't you tell by the bolded word? Its "G"!

1: Graystripe- A character from the warriors series! He was captured by twolegs in either Dawn or Moonrise, and came back with his new mate, Millie, in The Sight

2: Grovyle- My favorite pokemon! The reason is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. He was my best friend from the future.

3: Girls Rule, Boys Drool- The title says it all : D

4: Gifts- Oh gifts! Destroying the wrapping paper, playing with it, then getting it brutally taken away by mom

5: Goodbye- A song by Miley Cyrus. Great song, its on now. But if you took your time, you might be on "Breaking The Habit" by Linkin Park or "thnks fr th mmrs" by Fall out Boy. Maybe even "Sacrifice" a video game theme, AKA the last one on there.

6:Greenleaf- The word used for summer in the warriors series. As you can see, I'm going absolutely insane with warriors. Did you know I'm on Outcast?

7: Georgia Cyclone: My favorite ride at six flags over Georgia. A really fun, skull cracking wooden ride.

8: Google Searches: I pretty much use this to see how many awards my favorite artist won, how many inversions a roller coaster has, and song lyrics. And band history.

9: Grits casserole: My favorite food-- besides pie.

10: Going completely and utterly INSANE! - YES! THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL... AGAIN!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Inspired by Pi

Welcome to the people from Blog around the World! I'm so glad you decided to come to my blog, the faboolas I Like Pi! So stay awhile! Comment, chat, and comment some more! Please? And do any of you have kids who are interested in blogging? That could comment, or chat? Because you must know that I'm 10 (soon to be 11). So, if you wanna read my story, here are the links.

.:: Prolouge ::.

.:: Chapter 1- Ibnyta, Ibni for short ::..:: Chapter 2- Lucky Socks ::.

.:: Chapter 3- The Prophecy ::.

.:: Chapter 4- Breaking in and Blowing up ::.

I'll be adding links to the other chapters once I post them. And If you wanna read my unfinished story that had no plot, click the link below.


So, mozey. Read all my posts. Yes, Twilight fans are welcome.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Interesting Facts of the WORLD

Did you know...

In Utah it is illegal to cause a catastrophe?

Peanuts can be used in dynamite?

Greece is the country that eats the most vegtables?

During the California gold rush, people payed $100 for a glass of water?

It is illegal to pretend your parents are rich in Washington?

Pteronophobia is the word for the fear of being tickled by feathers?

Chewing gum called Chiclets are sometimes used as money if someone doesn't have enough spare change?

Venezuela has more birds than Europe and North America combined?

Did you know I didn't do any schoolwork until one fifteen because I was busy seeing "Twilight?"

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sugar talks about her obsession

Hello my few readers (Squirtle, Silversong,Nina, Lula, Rhea,and Hot Tub Lizzie), I am here to tell you about my favorite book series. Sorry Lula, it's not Twilight. It's....Warriors! They are the most fantastical, awesome, -insert complementary adjective here-, books ever! There are a total of three series so far, but I've only read eleven of the 16 they have. The main idea for all 16 is that there are four clans of cats living in the forest. The names of the clans are ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan (Squirtle's favorite), and ShadowClan. They all have special attributes. For example, RiverClan cats don't mind the water and learn how to fish.

The first series is about an ordinary kittypet (house cat) who joins ThunderClan. Rusty, the kittypet traines as an apprentice and gains the name Firepaw. Later he becomes a warrior, name Fireheart. In the last book (my personal favorite) he becomes leader, Firestar!

(This is my favorite book in the 1st series... but the last also... so sad ;_;)

The second series is about four cats (Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Feathertail, and Crowpaw) who get chosen to make a journey to the sun-drown place. But it ends up being a party of 6, when Feathertail's brother Stormfur and Squirrelpaw, a curious ThunderClan apprentice tag along. They end up leading the clans to a new place to live, when their forest is destroyed by Twolegs.

(This is my favorite book in the 2nd series so far... still have 1 to go...)

I have yet to expereance the joys of series 3... but Silversong, Squirtle, and Pichu all say it's good. Well that's all I have!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

.:: Chapter 4: Breaking in and Blowing up ::.

.:: Chapter 4: Breaking in and Blowing up ::.
Three days have passed since our confinement to this small apartment building. Tiffany stocked up on food, and Pilate must have gotten out some spare annoying-ness, because he's been more annoying than usual.

I was reading and thinking about this suckish life when Tiffany called us for dinner. Pilate was busy complaining about not being able to fly around in the apartment, but Tiffany took no notice. I looked down. It wasn't much, just some tomato soup. That's all we had these days. Soup.

But when I was about to slurp up the remains of the oh-so delicious soup, I heard a noise by the window facing an alley. I walked up to it, to see if Tiffany's window plants had mutated, when I saw a dark shadow. It whispered my name. Annabelle.

I shivered, and closed the window. But as I turned around, I saw large steak knives dancing around in the air. Some sort of black air was swirling them, so I took a crack at guessing. Entony.

That’s right, the air seemed to say. The knives swerved towards me, gleaming in the kitchen’s light. So I did the first thing that came to mind: I blew up the sink. The water pounded the knives, and they dropped to the floor. Tiff got some of her pink steak knives and had them battle the regular ones, as Pilate and I shot a ray of crystals and sapphires at them.

Soon, the steak knives faded into the shadows as the three of us stared. “You have done well fighting off my black magic,” a vaguely familiar voice said to us. Then the person the voice belonged to stepped out of the shadows and into the light. Entony. My guess was correct. I wish it wasn’t.

Before thinking, I blew up the dish washer, because I had blown up the sink already. But I had gotten to close, so Entony grabbed my leg. His touch sent bad energy, sort of painful energy through me. I grabbed my head in pain, and he seized the moment to throw me. Then all was silent.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Tale of Jet Parker and Ashley

Jet Parker worked at an avalanche rescue facility. He was born on the top of Mt. Jakli, a mysterious mountain in the middle of Asia that lost travelers wandered onto. The mountain had constant avalanches, so his parents rescued them. He went on rescue missions with his father just at three weeks, and thought the work there was too easy.
On his 2nd birthday, Jet found a white wolf on the mountain that swam all the way from Canada. Jet took her to his parent’s rescue facility, and they nursed her to health. He called the wolf Ashley, and they were partners through and through.
When they were about 6, Jet and Ashley became huge and fast. They could travel from Fuji to Everest in less than a millisecond, and that was just their walking. This was used to their advantage for rescues, and things around the facility.
Jet and Ashley continued to grow, so the facility had to grow with them. It doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and ouctuppled. Along with this, they got faster and stronger. They could rescue people faster than lightning, and lightning is pretty fast. Although Jet though this as a noble deed, he still wanted to know the mystery of this Mt. Jakli.
One day, as he was rescuing a young looking couple, he heard someone whisper, “Psst! Jet Parker!” Jet immediately threw the couple towards the facility, and hoped that they landed there instead of flying over the whole world three times and landing behind him like he had done a few years ago. Ashley barked at him, obviously annoyed as they walked to the noise, through the avalanche. To Ashley and Jet, this avalanche was like a small, shallow, creek that someone would wade in.
They found out it was a little man, standing in front of a little cave. He wore nothing but a cloth around his waist. “Ah, Jet,” he said, wearing a smile on his wrinkled face. “I have lived for one thousand long years, but never have seen anything like you!” Jet looked confused. He didn’t know if he should believe the little man, or think that he was crazy and got a hold of a beer somewhere out here.
Before he could make up his mind, the little old man continued, “Allow me to explain, for I see you are confused. I am Alex Bob, the creator of Mt. Jakli. The name doesn’t speak it, but I’m a sorcerer.”
Now Jet was sure that this man was going crazy. Who had ever heard of a one thousand-year-old sorcerer named Alex Bob? Jet had no idea if he should rip him up with Ashley, or let him speak more before ripping him up.
Jet let him live for now, as Alex Bob continued, “I can guess that you are wondering how Mt. Jakli came to be. The secret, my dear boy, is in the mountain cave. But alas, you are too large to fit in.”
“Why can’t you just tell me?” asked Jet, getting annoyed. Ashley let out a low growl signifying that she didn’t trust the Alex Bob sorcerer man.
“It is a magic concealed inside the cave preventing me from telling anyone the secret. But, if you can rescue someone from the largest avalanche ever, I could give you a temporary shrinking potion so you could find out the secret within.”
Jet was shocked. He doesn’t believe that I can rescue someone from the largest avalanche ever? Thought Jet in anger. I can!
“I accept your challenge,” said Jet. “But don’t worry; I won’t be but a second.”
Alex Bob snickered and asked Jet to get his parents. He was already holding his mom and dad in his arms. But Alex Bob snatched them away and strapped them on a small table, then pushed them to the middle of the mountain, walked into his cave, and screamed, “AVALANCHE!”
The next second, snow tumbled down the mountain; they were a good ways down, but it was coming down fast. Jet looked up to see if the facility was OK, but it was coming down with the avalanche. He quickly ripped the straps off his parents and put them on Ashley’s back.
“Take them to Puerto Rico where they can start a new life and be happy,” Jet said. Faster than lightning, Ashley took off. Jet shed a small tear before realizing that the facility was about to crash into him. Stunned by shock, he stood there while his birthplace killed him like a bug.
Alex Bob cackled, and went off into his mountain cave. Meanwhile, Ashley came from Puerto Rico to check on Jet. But when she got to Mt. Jakli, she found her beloved partner Jet dead on the snow. Weeping for her lost loved one, she killed half the population of China. The End.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

.:: Chapter 3: The Prophecy ::.

.:: Chapter 3: The Prophecy ::.
A woman with a dark purple robe and long pale blond hair walked onto the podium. She didn’t look very old, maybe in her mid 20’s. Her pale purple eyes were wandering the room for a minuet, until she locked eyes with Tiffany and nodded. Tiff shook her head no, but the woman mouthed the word “yes.”

“Hello Ibnyta. I am Sayer the Ximin, and I bring news about the Black Ibnyta. Entony plans an ambush on us, a very unusual one. He only plans to attack one family, and that is the Jynna family.”

I looked up at Sayer in horror, sweating rapidly. I peeped at Pilate, and he was doing the same. So this is what Tiff and Sayer were nodding and mouthing about I thought in horror. Horror was all I felt. Just plain horror.

“You shouldn’t leave your house for a while, so the mortals don’t find out about us,” Sayer continued. “Entony will strike as soon as possible, because of a prophecy.”

“What is that prophecy?” I asked. I hoped that it had nothing to do with me, Tiff, or Pilate dying. OK, scratch Pilate off that list.

“Three children of Jynna shall be born
No similarities between them will be worn
The death of them shall be seaked
But word of this shall soon be leaked
The family will know of your coming
For soon they shall begin their running
The combination that can't be beat
Will leave the darkness king in defeat”

I breathed a sigh of relief that it mentioned nothing of dying. Pilate’s reaction was to hoot about killing Entony, which I have to admit, would be pretty cool.

“Do not cry tears of joy just yet. I told Entony this twenty five years ago, and he has tried to alter the flow of time. He has succeeded, but it was just small toying. His goal was to stop you from being born, but I’m guessing that he altered the battle you will have with him.”

My heart jumped into my throat. His goal was to stop you from being born. That small segment repeated in my mind. What if it happened? I thought, desperately trying to cling to the last bit of sanity inside me.

The rest of the meeting passed us by. Sayer said things about how healthy the Ximin are, and when the next Ibni will die, lame stuff like that. After a while, I dozed off, and was woken about an hour later on the bus.

They must have carried me I thought groggily. When the three of us got home, all I could think of was that stupid prophecy, and Entony messing with the time stream. About being in total lockdown, and how this would affect everything. Life sucks.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Some random question asking

Life is Pie-O-Licious! Hello people, welcome to I LIKE PI! Today, I will be asking you a bunch of random questions.

1: What is your favorite one of my posts?

2: I have every time we touch on my playlist, slow and regular version. Which do you like better?

3: What is your favorite kind of pie?

4: So far, who do you like best in Ibnyta: Three Children of Jynna?

5: What is something weird you always wanted to do as a little kid?

6: What gameshow/reality TV show do you want to be on?

7:Which one of my friends on here sounds most interesting?

8: What is your favorite of these smileys: xD =') :3

9: Do you like the Silversong quote "Happy fluffy bunnysquirrels!"?

10: Which latin sentence do you like better: te necabo! (I will kill you!) or puellae pueros libro necunt (the girls kill the boys with a book)

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

.:: Chapter 2: Lucky Socks ::.

.:: Chapter 2: Lucky Socks ::.
I felt kind like I was sticking out on the way to the meeting. Why? Tiff isn't old enough to drive yet, so we take the bus or subway everywhere. Today, we took the bus. Who takes a bus in the middle of suburban Georgia and wears formal dresses? Not normal people.

Well, since our small family is anything but normal, it's us that get put on someone's blog, in their journal, or in the newspaper. Yes, we're that weird. I wonder how many people are staring at me in my formal blue gown, Tiffany in her sparkly red one with the sparkly heels, or Pilate in his tux...

When the bus dropped us off at Stone Mountain, our Georgian attraction, we went to the top. Sorta. I made a trail of water and surfed up the mountain, Pilate flew, and Tiffany just poofed to the top. Then we scanned the mountain top until we saw it...

Tiffany pointed to the small swirling blue void. She touched it, and instantly she fell in. Pilate and I did the same, falling into that starry blue void. It feels like flying, not falling into infinite blue.

After some time we were in; great, Jameson’s place. Did he live in a sock? It sure reeked of sock and it looked like a fuzzy room. Jameson was Diadra, the leader's son.

Each meeting was held in someone's personal object. Jimson was big on sports, so his personal object was one of his lucky socks. Eew.

In about ten minuets, Diadra saw that everyone was present, so she started talking. At first it was just droning on about how the leaders had been well and protected, and she had apologized for the horrid place.

But then, Diadra said something important.

“Entony and the Black Ibnyta have been getting stronger every day. Sayer the Ximin has come here to tell us more.”
I know it was kind of short, but in chapter 3 it hits them! That’s all the hint I’ll give out now. Cia!
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let's Gather 'Roud The Campfire and Sing our Campfire Song...

Oh bloggoverse… guess whose back….. It’s SUGAR! I’ve been lazy with the posting as usual… but today I will tell you about camping with my Girl Scout troop! We went to Camp Timber Ridge, which was a Girl Scout campsite (of course)! Pikachu (who is in fact in my troop!) and I stayed in a platform tent together. There were 3 inhabited tents (not including our leader and a girl’s mom) but, I am too lazy to give everyone nicknames. So I will just leave it to Pikachu and me.

We had to cook our own foods, AND LIGHT FIRES A LOT LATER THAN THE TROOP LEADER SAID TO! Whatever shall we do with her? Anyway, here is our eatery schedule:
Breakfast: Eggs in a bag, and biscuits
Lunch: Sandwiches
Dinner: Chicken that we lighted the fire TOO EARLY FOR! It took 3 hours to make!
Breakfast: Pancakes in a bag and fruit salad
Lunch: More sandwiches! At the abandon campsite!
Dinner: Campfire stew! It is made of meat, meat broth, tomatoes, rice, corn, peas, green beans, lima beans, and carrots. THIS ALSO TOOK 3 HOURS TO MAKE!!!
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Sandwiches! YAH!

We were there to repair an abandon campsite called Trailing Waters. On Saturday we repaired the fire ring. Everyone had to smooth everything out! It was an exhausting hour and a half. Mleh.

On Sunday, the 7 of us looked at 6 Adirondacks while another looked at the pavilion. Pikachu and I were sharing two, and there were lots of roof rips due to trees/branches. In the end, ours had these problems:

Yes, I did draw a pie on my assessment sheet. This is just the one I was in charge of. You people should see Pikahcu’s! I was #4 and Pikachu was #5. Byeeeeee!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sugar's Top 10

Hello people of earth and Mars! I bring to you a few lists of things I like!

Top 10 Songs of Today:

10: Violet Hill~ Coldplay

9: Viva La Vida~ Coldplay
8: Home~ Daughtry
7: That’s What you Get~ Paramore
6: Skater Boy~ Avril Lavinge
5: These Four Walls~ Miley Cyrus
4: Time of my Life~ David Cook
3: Every Time we Touch~ Cascada
2: Bad Boy~ Cascada

Top 10 Pokemon of Today:
10: Aipom
9: Skitty
8: Buneary
7: Glaceon
6: Empoleon
5: Umbreon
4: Roserade
3: Cyndaquil
2: Piplup
1: Grovyle

Top 5 Quotes of the Day (because I’m too lazy to have a top 10)

5: "They’re supposed to say on the thunderpath! It’s not fair!"~ Feathertail, Midnight by Erin Hunter
4: Squidward~ "This sweater is kind of itchy. What’s it made of?"
SpongeBob~ "Eyelashes!"~ SpongeBob and Squidward, SpongeBob Squarepants
3 "So my laugh box isn’t broken and it was a cruel lie that sent me into spiraling depression?"~ SpongeBob, SpongeBob Squarepants
2: "Bramblepaw, you great lump!"~ Firestar, Firestar’s Quest
1: "Don’t worry Grovyle. I can still visit you in my dreams"… and in the themesong~ ME!post signature

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Festival of Greece (but mostly their food)

Yesterday me and mom and dad went to the Greek festival! It was really fun, but if you plan to go there, go with an empty stomach, and get there early for the lamb. Why? It's mostly a festival of the foodsies you can get there!

We came at about twelve or one, and I had a very full stomach. I ate Greek pasta, Porto Rico spanakoapita (spinch pie!!!!!!!) and a great roll! Dad had a combination plate, which was... alot. Chicken lathorigano, souvlaki, pastitsio, spanakopita, rice pilaf, Greek-style peas (yuck), Greek salad, and a roll. Mom got a Gyro sandwich, which is like a cheese steak with no cheese. If only it had cheese...

After that, we went into the Greek church, and used the Greek bathroom (oh so Greek!). Then we wandered into the room with the huget mosaics. They were all over the walls, and there was a huge one on the ceiling. Then, me and mom discussed Edward Cullen. Yes, he is very Greek.

After that, we went to buy pastries. I got something that tasted like it had honey on it, and was crunchy. Mmm! Dad got something covered in almonds. I am not a nut person, although I am nuts =')

So, does this post make you want lamb? I didn't get any, because everyone ate some. Oh well, next year...

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Friday, October 3, 2008

.:: Chapter 1: Ibnyta, Ibni for short ::.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Annabelle Jynna. I may look like an ordinary girl, but I’m just the opposite. I am one of the Ibnyta, or the Ibni for short. Each of us has two special powers to control, and a gem to control with it.

My powers are water and space, and my special gem is sapphire. The other two living members of my family are Ibni too. First there’s Tiffany, the legal guardian of our family. She has fire, magic, and her gem is opal. Then there’s my annoying twin Pilate. He has earth and sky, and his gem is an aqua colored crystal.

Only a handful of Ibni have space, magic, and sky. We were lucky ones who didn’t live three hundred years ago. Back then, if you had one of the rare powers you were considered a witch. Nowadays, you’re special if you have these.

“Annabelle!” called Tiffany.

I trudged to the kitchen hoping for not yet another Ibni council meeting. The meetings are to discuss things that can put us Ibni in potential danger, like the Black Ibnyta. The Black Ibnyta are not like the regular Ibni, and are evil. Here are the reasons I hate them:

First, the only power they control is darkness, and black gems, and that represents evil. Second, they are evil(duh). And third, they cause council meetings which I have to attend.

“Great Ibni, is this another council meeting? The last one was only two days ago,” I complained realizing that there was a meeting because Tiffany was dressed formally.

Without waiting for a response, I trudged back to my room. I found my silky, spaghetti strapped blue dress with the flowy bottom half. After getting dressed, I pinned my deep brown hair in a bun, and admired myself in the mirror.

Then, out of the blue, the twin terror crashes through the window. It startled me so much, that the sink blew up with water.

“Why did you do that to my room?!?” I asked, horrified at what it looked like. If you were to walk in just now, you would see a boy with messy black hair on a bed with flower print, water leaking out of the wall, and a whole lot of broken glass on the floor. A pretty sight.

I sighed and kicked Pilate out. Literally, kicked him. After that, I used the water from the wall and slid it out of the room and onto the heads of the citizens under our high apartment. I repaired the window with sapphires, so that—oh wait, these aren’t diamonds. After the hoop earings were securely in my ears, I went to Tiffany, telling her I was ready to go.


OK, who was who in our game? I'll tell you:

Me- Annabelle

Pichu- Tiffany

War- Pilate

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

.:: Ibnyta: Three Children of Jynna: Prolouge ::.

.:: Prolouge ::.
A dark haired man was sitting on a throne of some sort. It was made of skulls, the victims of his terrible reign. He had black hair, and a black goatee.

A small man with a hood over his face came up to the man and said, "Sayer has delivered a prophecy for you, King Entony."

The king walked out of the room silently, as if he had no feet. As he came outside, a woman dressed in a purple robe greeted him.

"What do you want now, you anoying Ximin," said Entony, his voice filled with disgust.

"The Ximin have been getting more powerful every day, I inform you. The black Ibnyta will not live for much longer," she said, her soft velvety voice echoed off the walls of the castle, calling things of color to stay for a moment of time.

"The Black Ibnyta have taken over this world. They can take over the Ximin, the Ibnyta, and all the rest of the world too. Now all I want is my prophecy," groaned Entony.

"OK, and you deserve this one.

Three children of Jynna shall be born
No similarities between them will be worn
The death of them shall be seeked
But word of this shall soon be leaked
The family will know of your coming
For soon they shall begin their running
The combination that can't be beat
Will leave the darkness king in defeat."

Entony stared at Sayer in horror. "This prophecy will never become true! I will seek the deaths of these children, and their birthgivers too! I swear it upon the Black Ibnyta!"

"I have spoken the true word. Now this 'anoying Ximin' will go."

In a cloud of smoke enveloped Sayer, and she left the scene.


Did you like it? I decided to give up my last story, because I had big writer's block, and I have experienced this one. Me, Pichu, and War played this. I'll tell you who everyone is in the next chappie.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Japan Fest (with parenthesis!)

Hello people of earth and Mars! If you are one to look at my title, you know that this post will be about the Japan fest! I went with mom, dad, Teddiursa, and Pikachu's little sister, Terror (OK, maybe Pikachu Jr.). We got there and got our tickets, and I was jealous of Pikachu Jr. for having a blue one while the rest of us get the duds (AKA, red ones).

After that, we all went to take a picture with a giant blow up cat. But because taking a picture is just no fun, I pretended to slice the cat's head off. But I was unsuccessful.

The second thing we did was to go look at the banzai trees. They looked so cool! People wrapped wire around the branches, causing them to grow funky. Again, very cool! They could also make them grow on rocks! I liked the mini banzais the best, they were very cute! What, a tree can't be cute?Once that was done, we went to wait in line for the children's area. Mom took me over to look at the rice paper while Pikachu Jr. and Teddiursa sat down and... I don't know what they did exactly. But anyway, the rice paper was beautiful! There was a scene where the sky was purple, and there were golden tree branches everywhere. The birds flying around on the paper were sage, gold and they had some red.After the rice paper heaven, the children's area was open! It was all crafts, with Japanese music playing (in Japanese!). I made a lanturn that was all blue, and a fish stick. OK, it was a wooden stick with three paper fish on it. But the opportunity was right there! When we finished that, the five of us went to the food court. I got shrimp tempura over noodles, and Teddiursa got green tea ice cream. We learned alot of things in the food court. We learned that the noodles from Japan are thick, that shrimp tempura is really good, and that a traditional Japanesse snack/lunch is Lay's sour cream and onion chips and diet coke.After that, we began wandering around looking at stuff. We saw people doing kung fu (or something like that). They showed us how to do it in slow mo, so we could understand what they were doing. They attacked each other with sticks, and with spiky wrist thingys. They also did self defence sitting down.

Once three to five fights were over, we moved on. We each got a pokemon mask. Teddiursa got a Plussle

And Pikachu Jr. and me (bad grammar intended) got Piplup mask (remember Bubble?)
We then got our names written in Japanese. They look so pretty! Then we headed out. Imagine this taking 3 (glorious) hours. Bye bye!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Roller Coasters and Other Rides

Hello Bloggers around the world! I am here today to tell you about rollar coasters and other rides that I've been on before. Now here is our first contestant, the GEORGIA CYCLONE! This is probably the bumpiest ride at six flags over Georgia! I have bumped my head on this about one trillion bilion milion thousand hundred eleven times. OK, not that many times, but you get my idea.

Our next ride on the scene is: The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror!

I've been on this one 14 times! I can also explain every little detail. OK, so obviously you wait in line. When you get inside, you and a bunch of people you don't know (or possibly you do know all these people) cram into a room to watch a 5 minute movie. Then-- more lines! There are three elevators to choose from, but there's no difference. Once you get into the elevator, you go up and see blue holograms. They crack and you go up some more (yay!). Then the elevator stops, and goes forward. You see a floating eye, and some other stuff. Then you get to a point where you either go up, or drop. The dropping number is random, but is also so fun! Me and Dad and Teddiursa rode this 11 times in one night!

Our next ride is: Test Track!
This is the bob family, where everyone is named bob. I've ridden this thing 4 times in a row without stopping MAN! It is my favorite ride in Disney World! And yes, I laugh maniacally on this ride. What? It's fun!

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