Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Tuesdayness

OK, I'm starting a new weekly meme event! I will be the founder of... RANDOM TUESDAYNESS! There will be a theme for each Tuesday, and I will answer the questions, and you will too! So, here is our first week of randomness. And the theme is...

Random Theme #1: Favorites

1: Favorite Plot: The plot of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Time (A Nintendo DS game). It is the best plot evah! Basicly, time is stopping all over the world because of Time Gear theft. Time Gears are five hidden objects that keep time in balance. But you, the hero, don't know the half of your role in all of this (because you aquired amesia in the begining of the game). You are actually a human from the future who comes to the past to stop the destruction of time by taking the Time Gears to Temporal Tower, the place where Dialga rules time. There is much more to the plot, but that shall be a mystery for now (wink win; ;-] )

2: Favorite Song of the Molment: Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park or Life on the Moon by David Cook. I have been listening to these songs OVER AND OVER on my playlist. They are ASUM, if you want to check them out.

3: Favorite Book Series: Warriors! THE BEST BOOK SERIES EVER! Nothing can top these books about four Clans of cats living in the forest. I won't give out any spoilers to any who may be interested. And I have a good opinion on books. I like Twilight.

4: Favorite thing to randomly shout out: Happy Fluffy Bunnysquirrels! or The refridgerator tastes good. Yep. I am a very random person. But I can't take all the credit for the hfbs. Silversong made them up. AND THEY ARE FREAKING ASUM! (She has a blog)

5: Favorite Food: Grits casserole and PIE! You all know how much I just *heart* pie. There is no more to be said about that.

OK, that was 5 questions. If you do this on your blog, there is no limit to how many questions you ask. Just ask questions! So long!

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Themesong: Burton Earny- The llama song! Because it is very random.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Fluffy Haikus

OK, today I'm doing a bunch of haikus about food, to go with each question on my mom's blog. OK!

Chicken is joyful
It makes me wanna eat more
Especially fried

Cookie dough is good
Makes me wanna sing with joy
La la la la la (what? Its 5 syllables xD)

Vanilla ice cream
Loving it with caramel
Shove it my mouth

Peanut butter pie
This pie does not go "Bye-Bye"
It stays in your soul

Edward Cullen yeah…
He really should sign my cast
Then we'd get married

Chicken legs; ooh ahh
These legs define awesomeness
They're in my stomach

All Abouts are gone
Thin Mints have taken over
They're awesome frozen

Popcorn is purdy
Sour patch kids are sour
M&m's just are

Cookie dough ice cream
It sends me off to dream land
It's just so perfect

The answer is yes
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
That's my answer yes

And our special So What edition haiku

So what I rock star
Na na na na na na na
You aren't fare never were (what? Nobody said haikus have to be grammatically correct?)

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wii are addicted

OK, I took a rather large Christmas break from blogging, but I'm back now! And more 11 than ever. On Christmas morning Teddiursa and I ran downstairs because we were hungry. But when we saw our present, hunger to eat left us and in came hunger to... WII!

Yes, we got an awesome wii for Christmas. At first Teddiursa was staring at our small tree with all the presents piled around it... and then I pointed out the best present ever... THAT WII! She squealed with delight.

And of course if you have a wii, you must play it. It comes with wii sports, where your miis play sports. I got sims2 castaway, which is hilarious. You get to create a sim person, who gets shipwrecked on a deserted island. If you use the bathroom, a giant green curtain comes up to protect you. If you get a banananananana, your options are to eat it, or entice a chimp. Swimming in the sea boosts your hygiene motive. When you pull out your sleeping mat, you can do yoga. Where you basicly stick your butt in the air alot.

And I have become addicted to the best game ever... Mario Kart! You get to become various Mario charachters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Koopa Troopa, Toad (my favorite), Peach, Baby Mario (Teddiursa's favorite) Baby Peach, and Donkey Kong) and race through crazy racetracks. My favorite is Coconut Mall, where you get to race through a mall. I LIKE TOADY! post signature