Tuesday, October 28, 2008

.:: Chapter 3: The Prophecy ::.

.:: Chapter 3: The Prophecy ::.
A woman with a dark purple robe and long pale blond hair walked onto the podium. She didn’t look very old, maybe in her mid 20’s. Her pale purple eyes were wandering the room for a minuet, until she locked eyes with Tiffany and nodded. Tiff shook her head no, but the woman mouthed the word “yes.”

“Hello Ibnyta. I am Sayer the Ximin, and I bring news about the Black Ibnyta. Entony plans an ambush on us, a very unusual one. He only plans to attack one family, and that is the Jynna family.”

I looked up at Sayer in horror, sweating rapidly. I peeped at Pilate, and he was doing the same. So this is what Tiff and Sayer were nodding and mouthing about I thought in horror. Horror was all I felt. Just plain horror.

“You shouldn’t leave your house for a while, so the mortals don’t find out about us,” Sayer continued. “Entony will strike as soon as possible, because of a prophecy.”

“What is that prophecy?” I asked. I hoped that it had nothing to do with me, Tiff, or Pilate dying. OK, scratch Pilate off that list.

“Three children of Jynna shall be born
No similarities between them will be worn
The death of them shall be seaked
But word of this shall soon be leaked
The family will know of your coming
For soon they shall begin their running
The combination that can't be beat
Will leave the darkness king in defeat”

I breathed a sigh of relief that it mentioned nothing of dying. Pilate’s reaction was to hoot about killing Entony, which I have to admit, would be pretty cool.

“Do not cry tears of joy just yet. I told Entony this twenty five years ago, and he has tried to alter the flow of time. He has succeeded, but it was just small toying. His goal was to stop you from being born, but I’m guessing that he altered the battle you will have with him.”

My heart jumped into my throat. His goal was to stop you from being born. That small segment repeated in my mind. What if it happened? I thought, desperately trying to cling to the last bit of sanity inside me.

The rest of the meeting passed us by. Sayer said things about how healthy the Ximin are, and when the next Ibni will die, lame stuff like that. After a while, I dozed off, and was woken about an hour later on the bus.

They must have carried me I thought groggily. When the three of us got home, all I could think of was that stupid prophecy, and Entony messing with the time stream. About being in total lockdown, and how this would affect everything. Life sucks.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Some random question asking

Life is Pie-O-Licious! Hello people, welcome to I LIKE PI! Today, I will be asking you a bunch of random questions.

1: What is your favorite one of my posts?

2: I have every time we touch on my playlist, slow and regular version. Which do you like better?

3: What is your favorite kind of pie?

4: So far, who do you like best in Ibnyta: Three Children of Jynna?

5: What is something weird you always wanted to do as a little kid?

6: What gameshow/reality TV show do you want to be on?

7:Which one of my friends on here sounds most interesting?

8: What is your favorite of these smileys: xD =') :3

9: Do you like the Silversong quote "Happy fluffy bunnysquirrels!"?

10: Which latin sentence do you like better: te necabo! (I will kill you!) or puellae pueros libro necunt (the girls kill the boys with a book)

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

.:: Chapter 2: Lucky Socks ::.

.:: Chapter 2: Lucky Socks ::.
I felt kind like I was sticking out on the way to the meeting. Why? Tiff isn't old enough to drive yet, so we take the bus or subway everywhere. Today, we took the bus. Who takes a bus in the middle of suburban Georgia and wears formal dresses? Not normal people.

Well, since our small family is anything but normal, it's us that get put on someone's blog, in their journal, or in the newspaper. Yes, we're that weird. I wonder how many people are staring at me in my formal blue gown, Tiffany in her sparkly red one with the sparkly heels, or Pilate in his tux...

When the bus dropped us off at Stone Mountain, our Georgian attraction, we went to the top. Sorta. I made a trail of water and surfed up the mountain, Pilate flew, and Tiffany just poofed to the top. Then we scanned the mountain top until we saw it...

Tiffany pointed to the small swirling blue void. She touched it, and instantly she fell in. Pilate and I did the same, falling into that starry blue void. It feels like flying, not falling into infinite blue.

After some time we were in; great, Jameson’s place. Did he live in a sock? It sure reeked of sock and it looked like a fuzzy room. Jameson was Diadra, the leader's son.

Each meeting was held in someone's personal object. Jimson was big on sports, so his personal object was one of his lucky socks. Eew.

In about ten minuets, Diadra saw that everyone was present, so she started talking. At first it was just droning on about how the leaders had been well and protected, and she had apologized for the horrid place.

But then, Diadra said something important.

“Entony and the Black Ibnyta have been getting stronger every day. Sayer the Ximin has come here to tell us more.”
I know it was kind of short, but in chapter 3 it hits them! That’s all the hint I’ll give out now. Cia!
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let's Gather 'Roud The Campfire and Sing our Campfire Song...

Oh bloggoverse… guess whose back….. It’s SUGAR! I’ve been lazy with the posting as usual… but today I will tell you about camping with my Girl Scout troop! We went to Camp Timber Ridge, which was a Girl Scout campsite (of course)! Pikachu (who is in fact in my troop!) and I stayed in a platform tent together. There were 3 inhabited tents (not including our leader and a girl’s mom) but, I am too lazy to give everyone nicknames. So I will just leave it to Pikachu and me.

We had to cook our own foods, AND LIGHT FIRES A LOT LATER THAN THE TROOP LEADER SAID TO! Whatever shall we do with her? Anyway, here is our eatery schedule:
Breakfast: Eggs in a bag, and biscuits
Lunch: Sandwiches
Dinner: Chicken that we lighted the fire TOO EARLY FOR! It took 3 hours to make!
Breakfast: Pancakes in a bag and fruit salad
Lunch: More sandwiches! At the abandon campsite!
Dinner: Campfire stew! It is made of meat, meat broth, tomatoes, rice, corn, peas, green beans, lima beans, and carrots. THIS ALSO TOOK 3 HOURS TO MAKE!!!
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Sandwiches! YAH!

We were there to repair an abandon campsite called Trailing Waters. On Saturday we repaired the fire ring. Everyone had to smooth everything out! It was an exhausting hour and a half. Mleh.

On Sunday, the 7 of us looked at 6 Adirondacks while another looked at the pavilion. Pikachu and I were sharing two, and there were lots of roof rips due to trees/branches. In the end, ours had these problems:

Yes, I did draw a pie on my assessment sheet. This is just the one I was in charge of. You people should see Pikahcu’s! I was #4 and Pikachu was #5. Byeeeeee!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sugar's Top 10

Hello people of earth and Mars! I bring to you a few lists of things I like!

Top 10 Songs of Today:

10: Violet Hill~ Coldplay

9: Viva La Vida~ Coldplay
8: Home~ Daughtry
7: That’s What you Get~ Paramore
6: Skater Boy~ Avril Lavinge
5: These Four Walls~ Miley Cyrus
4: Time of my Life~ David Cook
3: Every Time we Touch~ Cascada
2: Bad Boy~ Cascada

Top 10 Pokemon of Today:
10: Aipom
9: Skitty
8: Buneary
7: Glaceon
6: Empoleon
5: Umbreon
4: Roserade
3: Cyndaquil
2: Piplup
1: Grovyle

Top 5 Quotes of the Day (because I’m too lazy to have a top 10)

5: "They’re supposed to say on the thunderpath! It’s not fair!"~ Feathertail, Midnight by Erin Hunter
4: Squidward~ "This sweater is kind of itchy. What’s it made of?"
SpongeBob~ "Eyelashes!"~ SpongeBob and Squidward, SpongeBob Squarepants
3 "So my laugh box isn’t broken and it was a cruel lie that sent me into spiraling depression?"~ SpongeBob, SpongeBob Squarepants
2: "Bramblepaw, you great lump!"~ Firestar, Firestar’s Quest
1: "Don’t worry Grovyle. I can still visit you in my dreams"… and in the themesong~ ME!post signature

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Festival of Greece (but mostly their food)

Yesterday me and mom and dad went to the Greek festival! It was really fun, but if you plan to go there, go with an empty stomach, and get there early for the lamb. Why? It's mostly a festival of the foodsies you can get there!

We came at about twelve or one, and I had a very full stomach. I ate Greek pasta, Porto Rico spanakoapita (spinch pie!!!!!!!) and a great roll! Dad had a combination plate, which was... alot. Chicken lathorigano, souvlaki, pastitsio, spanakopita, rice pilaf, Greek-style peas (yuck), Greek salad, and a roll. Mom got a Gyro sandwich, which is like a cheese steak with no cheese. If only it had cheese...

After that, we went into the Greek church, and used the Greek bathroom (oh so Greek!). Then we wandered into the room with the huget mosaics. They were all over the walls, and there was a huge one on the ceiling. Then, me and mom discussed Edward Cullen. Yes, he is very Greek.

After that, we went to buy pastries. I got something that tasted like it had honey on it, and was crunchy. Mmm! Dad got something covered in almonds. I am not a nut person, although I am nuts =')

So, does this post make you want lamb? I didn't get any, because everyone ate some. Oh well, next year...

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Friday, October 3, 2008

.:: Chapter 1: Ibnyta, Ibni for short ::.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Annabelle Jynna. I may look like an ordinary girl, but I’m just the opposite. I am one of the Ibnyta, or the Ibni for short. Each of us has two special powers to control, and a gem to control with it.

My powers are water and space, and my special gem is sapphire. The other two living members of my family are Ibni too. First there’s Tiffany, the legal guardian of our family. She has fire, magic, and her gem is opal. Then there’s my annoying twin Pilate. He has earth and sky, and his gem is an aqua colored crystal.

Only a handful of Ibni have space, magic, and sky. We were lucky ones who didn’t live three hundred years ago. Back then, if you had one of the rare powers you were considered a witch. Nowadays, you’re special if you have these.

“Annabelle!” called Tiffany.

I trudged to the kitchen hoping for not yet another Ibni council meeting. The meetings are to discuss things that can put us Ibni in potential danger, like the Black Ibnyta. The Black Ibnyta are not like the regular Ibni, and are evil. Here are the reasons I hate them:

First, the only power they control is darkness, and black gems, and that represents evil. Second, they are evil(duh). And third, they cause council meetings which I have to attend.

“Great Ibni, is this another council meeting? The last one was only two days ago,” I complained realizing that there was a meeting because Tiffany was dressed formally.

Without waiting for a response, I trudged back to my room. I found my silky, spaghetti strapped blue dress with the flowy bottom half. After getting dressed, I pinned my deep brown hair in a bun, and admired myself in the mirror.

Then, out of the blue, the twin terror crashes through the window. It startled me so much, that the sink blew up with water.

“Why did you do that to my room?!?” I asked, horrified at what it looked like. If you were to walk in just now, you would see a boy with messy black hair on a bed with flower print, water leaking out of the wall, and a whole lot of broken glass on the floor. A pretty sight.

I sighed and kicked Pilate out. Literally, kicked him. After that, I used the water from the wall and slid it out of the room and onto the heads of the citizens under our high apartment. I repaired the window with sapphires, so that—oh wait, these aren’t diamonds. After the hoop earings were securely in my ears, I went to Tiffany, telling her I was ready to go.


OK, who was who in our game? I'll tell you:

Me- Annabelle

Pichu- Tiffany

War- Pilate

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

.:: Ibnyta: Three Children of Jynna: Prolouge ::.

.:: Prolouge ::.
A dark haired man was sitting on a throne of some sort. It was made of skulls, the victims of his terrible reign. He had black hair, and a black goatee.

A small man with a hood over his face came up to the man and said, "Sayer has delivered a prophecy for you, King Entony."

The king walked out of the room silently, as if he had no feet. As he came outside, a woman dressed in a purple robe greeted him.

"What do you want now, you anoying Ximin," said Entony, his voice filled with disgust.

"The Ximin have been getting more powerful every day, I inform you. The black Ibnyta will not live for much longer," she said, her soft velvety voice echoed off the walls of the castle, calling things of color to stay for a moment of time.

"The Black Ibnyta have taken over this world. They can take over the Ximin, the Ibnyta, and all the rest of the world too. Now all I want is my prophecy," groaned Entony.

"OK, and you deserve this one.

Three children of Jynna shall be born
No similarities between them will be worn
The death of them shall be seeked
But word of this shall soon be leaked
The family will know of your coming
For soon they shall begin their running
The combination that can't be beat
Will leave the darkness king in defeat."

Entony stared at Sayer in horror. "This prophecy will never become true! I will seek the deaths of these children, and their birthgivers too! I swear it upon the Black Ibnyta!"

"I have spoken the true word. Now this 'anoying Ximin' will go."

In a cloud of smoke enveloped Sayer, and she left the scene.


Did you like it? I decided to give up my last story, because I had big writer's block, and I have experienced this one. Me, Pichu, and War played this. I'll tell you who everyone is in the next chappie.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008