Monday, October 27, 2008

Some random question asking

Life is Pie-O-Licious! Hello people, welcome to I LIKE PI! Today, I will be asking you a bunch of random questions.

1: What is your favorite one of my posts?

2: I have every time we touch on my playlist, slow and regular version. Which do you like better?

3: What is your favorite kind of pie?

4: So far, who do you like best in Ibnyta: Three Children of Jynna?

5: What is something weird you always wanted to do as a little kid?

6: What gameshow/reality TV show do you want to be on?

7:Which one of my friends on here sounds most interesting?

8: What is your favorite of these smileys: xD =') :3

9: Do you like the Silversong quote "Happy fluffy bunnysquirrels!"?

10: Which latin sentence do you like better: te necabo! (I will kill you!) or puellae pueros libro necunt (the girls kill the boys with a book)

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Sugar said...

1: Hmm... I don't know what my favorite post is... maybe my first wodless wednsday?
2: I like the slow version better... so romanticle
3: Probably apple
4: I like Annabell. Why? she's me!
5: I always wanted to... get ready!... touch a stopsign.
6: American Idol!
7: OK, I am NOT playing favorites
8: deffately xD
9: YES!
10: puellae pueros libro necunt

Rhea said...

1: You have a lot of great posts. I love David the Cookie...and the one about the Japanese Festival.

2: I'm not sure which version I like best. I'll listen to them later and get back to you on that one.

3: I think my favorite pie is and gooey with vanilla ice cream.

4: I think I like Pilate best...only because he can fly, and I want to fly.

5: I wanted to BE Nancy Drew when I was younger. I always used to pretend my bike was a horse.

6: I want to be on the Amazing Race. I'm not sure I could survive Survivor.

7:I don't know...

8: My favorite smiley is the standard :o)

9: Do you like the Silversong quote "Happy fluffy bunnysquirrels!"? YES, that's cute.

10: I like this sentence better "the girls kill the boys with a book" because it tells who's gonna do it and how...and is so creative.

Rhea said...

Sugar, I need you to come figure out what's happening in the picture I posted on my site today. It's an old family photo, from the 1800's, and I have no idea why the men are posed the way they are...

I could use a new perspective on it!! So you and your mom need to look at it!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

1:Your reviews of the festivals.

2: I'm not sure - I can't listen here at work.

3: Pecan

4: I like anyone who can get to the top of Stone Mountain that fast.

5: I wanted to live in a bubble where I could control the weather.

6: Deal or No Deal

7: Ummm... all of them.

8: =')

9: I can't say I've ever heard it.

10: puellae pueros libro necunt just cause it's longer...

Homeschool said...

1. Wordless Wednesday or the Haiku one
2. Slow
3. Pumpkin
4. Not sure
5. I wanted to be Sandra Lee... lol! :D
6. Cash Cab
7. Um, I don't know...
8. =')
9. YES!
10. not sure...

Homeschool Happenings said...

1. Breathless Wednesday
2. slow
3. apple
4. I can't decide! They're all such great characters!
5. squeeze a whole thing of toothpaste into a sink
6. are you smarter than a 5th grader
7. all of them
8. =)
9. YES!!!
10. puellae pueros libro necunt