Thursday, October 2, 2008

.:: Ibnyta: Three Children of Jynna: Prolouge ::.

.:: Prolouge ::.
A dark haired man was sitting on a throne of some sort. It was made of skulls, the victims of his terrible reign. He had black hair, and a black goatee.

A small man with a hood over his face came up to the man and said, "Sayer has delivered a prophecy for you, King Entony."

The king walked out of the room silently, as if he had no feet. As he came outside, a woman dressed in a purple robe greeted him.

"What do you want now, you anoying Ximin," said Entony, his voice filled with disgust.

"The Ximin have been getting more powerful every day, I inform you. The black Ibnyta will not live for much longer," she said, her soft velvety voice echoed off the walls of the castle, calling things of color to stay for a moment of time.

"The Black Ibnyta have taken over this world. They can take over the Ximin, the Ibnyta, and all the rest of the world too. Now all I want is my prophecy," groaned Entony.

"OK, and you deserve this one.

Three children of Jynna shall be born
No similarities between them will be worn
The death of them shall be seeked
But word of this shall soon be leaked
The family will know of your coming
For soon they shall begin their running
The combination that can't be beat
Will leave the darkness king in defeat."

Entony stared at Sayer in horror. "This prophecy will never become true! I will seek the deaths of these children, and their birthgivers too! I swear it upon the Black Ibnyta!"

"I have spoken the true word. Now this 'anoying Ximin' will go."

In a cloud of smoke enveloped Sayer, and she left the scene.


Did you like it? I decided to give up my last story, because I had big writer's block, and I have experienced this one. Me, Pichu, and War played this. I'll tell you who everyone is in the next chappie.

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Bobbi said...

Nice beginning! Sometimes the best thing for writer's block is to just start something else. I look forward to reading the rest.

Rhea said...

Nice prolouge! A story with a prophecy and magic is always a good read and exciting!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Well now I'm hooked. Okay - I have to get some work done and then I'll be back to keep reading.