Tuesday, April 29, 2008

National Random DAY!

Dearest readers,
I am happy to say that I have given up on being crazy. I will exchange this cruel life for a peacful one dedicated to grammar. Ahhhhh hah hah hah! Did you belive that? Yes, ya probably didn't. Heh heh. Anywhoooooooo..... it's national random day! Ok it's not but I have nothing better to do. Look at this:
It's umbreon! I'm now obsessed with this one. Isn't it cute? I like to call it Midnight! Random eh? Not random enough? You people are killing me!

Is this random enough? It's a crazy turtle! NO?!? You people are too demanding.


Ok this isn't random. Or is it?!? Find out when YOU STOP DEMANDING!

THIS RANDOM ENOUGH?! Thank you for your hopes and dreams. I steelded them. Don't you want them back? Well say the next picture iz random!

THANK YOU! This is random! THX THX! Yahoooooo! Byez!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

6 Things About Me Because Everything About Me is important

Hi ppl! It's Sugary me: SUGAR! RAAAAAA! RAAAA! Well, I got tagged for a meme by my mom. It's supposed to be 6 Unimportant things about me, but EVERYTHING about me is important, so I'll just name 6 things.

1: I like Pokemon. It is one of the best TV shows ever! I'm sorry, but I have no pictures. My favorite pokemon would now have to be Aipom, but it has changed since I started watching last year in July. At first it was pikachu, the most famous pokemon of them all! Then it was Pachirisu, Dawn's very hyper and electrifying blue white and yellow electric squirrel pokemon. Then it was Piplup and Chimchar. Piplup is a little water penguin and chimchar is a little fire monkey. They are both Sinnoh starters, and the other one is Turtwig, a grass type turtle. Now my favorite pokemon is Aipom and Buneary.

2: I have pierced ears but I don't wear earrings. I don't know why though. Probably because I have sensitive skin and this makes me allergic to bubble bath. Ya, I guess they hurt too much.

3: I don't like meat balls,pepperoni, apples, grapes, or pears. There's alot more that I don't like, but there are so many things, that I couldn't name them all! Yes I know, very picky gurl. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PENUT PUTTER! PUB!

4: I hate doing dishes. OYYYYYYYYYYG! That's enough to be said.

5:I HATE GRAMMAR! You very wellz knowz thises,butz It'z worf the mention. AGAINZ!

6: I very much enjoy anoying my mom by speaking like a baby. For example (yes mom, I do wish to anoy you this) : My toofy if hoytin mwa mwa. Fwix it pways. That hasn't actually happened (yet........) but It's just an example.

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I hope you enjoyed this! I have no Idea who to tag, but I will now post the instructions for this post!

Darn, mom's blog won't load! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh well, I'll post it another time. Heh heh heh. beLOW THE SUGAR!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nothing To Do With Anything Post! WEEEEE!

Hola (the exclamation pnt. is suppost to be upside down. stupid computers :) ! IIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZ: SUGAR! I ARE BAK! Me was on cruise! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BAD GRAMMAR! It was heaven. Click the following word: Baba Lbab Ding Dong! Ok it was 4 words. Picky picky. Now here is the webdings!

Marizy: Uhhhhhhhhh I think I lost the webding thingie. Ummmmm let me look..... where did the dang microsoft word go?!?!?!........... darn. I'm sorry, but I lost the webdings! WAHHHHHHH! Cry cry cry sob sob sob. O well! Hey, wut does the post options button do???? Nuts! Nuffin that's what! Bullit list time! Darn that does nothing either! Stupid blogger! Hey what does this phone do! OOOOOOO! It calls blogger! Hi blogger, where are my webdings? Hello? HELLO?!? They hung up on me P_P. Hey! I'll make faces!


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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

Hi ppl! That's Sybobbian for people. Sybobbianm is text messages 0_o . Anyway my evil mom made me di thursday 13 so herez it. Oh wait! It's 13 things that will cause doom destruction and despair in your life:

1: Hurricanes. They cause tornadoes. One REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY devistating one was Katrina (my mommy. that's why it's devistating XD) . They are destructive. That's why it's on my happy list!

2: Tornadoes. They rip and rip and rip and rip and I think you get the point. Ya, they are destructive.

4: Flooods. They are also destructive. But do you think we could get your water? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

5: Vanessa Hudgens. She's Zac Efron's girlfriend. What more is there to say? Speaking of girlfriend........

6: The anoying song Girlfriend. GET A LIFE IF YOU LIKE IT! SERIOUSLY!

7: Mom. I've made it clear. MOM IS EVIL!

8: Vampires. They are creepy and horrible and and and......made up. BUT THEY SUCK YOUR BLOOD!!!!!!!!

9: Loops on a roller Coaster. Vvvvvvvvv! Scary! They rip your arm off!


11:Commercials. Some lie. Like tooth tunes (the music doesn't go up your teath like it says. You just push back and the music plays) and moon sand (I've only come across one thing of moon sand that's actually fun. Pichu was playing with her friend, they decided to make a moon sand ball (this is the not fun one) and it crumpled! Ripped at the seams (even thought it doesn't have seams) GRRRRRRRRR)

12: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dark chocolate? I don't like it so I'm putting it in the list! I mean it's healthy chocolate! I'm suspicious.

13 Grammer. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!!!!!! Grammer will cause all of the above! Bleck! I need to wash my mouth just for saying it!

This concludes the thursday 13. Some of these things were homeschool stuff (Mom, sentence diagramming,grammer) Some were natural disasters (Hurricanes, Tornadeos, flooods,) Some were evil people (Adof Htiler, Vanessa Hudgens,) And some were just plain miscellaneous (The anoying song Girlfriend (it has correct grammer in the title! EVILER!) Vampires, Loops on a roller coaster, Comercilas, dark chocolate) but all these things are bad. Now I must go. I will be back tomorow. FAREWELL!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Back! With Webdings!

Hi It's Mrs. Not Been Here In A Bazillion Years lady. It's SUGAR! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! Yes I'm back and 3x4+66666666=lala land the fun! I don't think that equation made sense but, WHO CARES! Webding! I am now taking requests of putting your name in webdings! My name:

Sugar = Sugar

Teddiursa =Teddiursa

Wanna know your name in webdings? Or your blog name? Here are some:

ilikepi-ga.blogspot.com =ilikepi-ga.blogspot.com (this is a link to clubpenguin.com)

sunshineandlemonade.blogspot.com =sunshineandlemonade.blogspot.com

Like em? Well you could have em! Just comment with your request, and I'll get it in webdings!

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