Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nothing To Do With Anything Post! WEEEEE!

Hola (the exclamation pnt. is suppost to be upside down. stupid computers :) ! IIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZ: SUGAR! I ARE BAK! Me was on cruise! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BAD GRAMMAR! It was heaven. Click the following word: Baba Lbab Ding Dong! Ok it was 4 words. Picky picky. Now here is the webdings!

Marizy: Uhhhhhhhhh I think I lost the webding thingie. Ummmmm let me look..... where did the dang microsoft word go?!?!?!........... darn. I'm sorry, but I lost the webdings! WAHHHHHHH! Cry cry cry sob sob sob. O well! Hey, wut does the post options button do???? Nuts! Nuffin that's what! Bullit list time! Darn that does nothing either! Stupid blogger! Hey what does this phone do! OOOOOOO! It calls blogger! Hi blogger, where are my webdings? Hello? HELLO?!? They hung up on me P_P. Hey! I'll make faces!


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silversong said...

u almost as stang as me. but i insane! *cackles*