Monday, March 30, 2009

Mario Kart Review

Mario Kart Wii is a great game for family or solo play. It comes with a game disk and a wii wheel, although you can use the nunchuck or classic controller. When you first start the game, you have 12 characters (Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, and Bowser.) and can race on four grand prix’s with four courses each. You can earn new characters and new grand prix’s by gaining a high rank on the grand prix’s you have. For example, if you win at least third place on the flower cup, you will earn the star cup. If you come in first place on the star cup, you will earn a new character.

You can choose between three karts on 50cc, three bikes on 100cc, and either on the 150cc. You can earn the privileges to use karts and bikes on the 50cc and 100cc in addition to earning more vehicles. Karts and bikes also have different special abilities. Bikes can do wheelies, and karts can have extra mini turbo if you drift for long enough. The opposite is the same.

You can also do time trials to see who can get the fastest time. If your wii is connected to Wi-Fi, you can check the rankings of time trials world wide. You can even race rival ghosts, whose time on a certain course is a slight bit faster than yours.

But racing is not the only thing you can do on this game. There is also the option of battle. You pick your battle style (coin runners or balloon battle), your character, your team is picked by the wii, your kart or bike (standard kart and bike only) and finally the course. (Note: Nothing here is unlocked but the characters.)

There is also the choice of Wi-Fi mode, where you can race or battle people from all over the world. The race or battle is chosen by all the players’ vote. When everyone votes, the wii randomly picks a course, and you do that one. After every race or battle you have the option to quit, bit not in the middle of them.

I think Mario Kart is a great game. I became an expert in a matter of months. The characters are cool, the bikes and karts are different, and it is extremely fun!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

They Stole it! :-O

The Stolen Tales

I, detective Mr. E. Solver, stepped into the musty old library where a criminal had
stolen the last copy in the world of “The Rahmen Tales”. Shelves had been knocked over
and books had been ruined with footprints and even some coffee stains. It seemed that the
criminal had two goals, to get “The Rahmen Tales” and destroy the library.

The room was a mess as a result of the break-in. Before, I was told the library was in
its regular state. The books were set upon the dusty shelves; the old library was mixed
with the technology of computers, copiers, and fax machines. The room was filled with
light from the windows and the fixtures above.

Now, tables were upturned, their shining metal legs twisted. The front desk had been
ransacked for money from overdue books, and business cards were scattered everywhere.
Shelves were turned over on their sides, leaving old and tattered books scattered all over
the floor, trampled by feet and acquiring more tears than before the break-in. The whole
library smelled of blood, dirt, and coffee.

Many footprints dotted the dusty floor. I decided that there were too many footprints
ranging in too many sizes to be a one-person break-in. There were fingerprints along the
windows where the criminals may have entered. The glass case that held “The Rahmen
Tales” was smashed, so bits of clear glass lay everywhere, threatening to hurt the feet of
people with its sharpness. These were also mixed with the shattered glass from the light
fixtures above.

Along with “The Rahmen Tales” missing, computer monitors were taken, and the
copy machine was taken. Popular books such as “Long Shadows” and “Breaking Dawn”
were also stolen. But the crooks obviously cut themselves on the glass, because there was
blood smeared on the window.

I put on a pair of rubber gloves and began to pick up a few items off the floor. I
carefully broke a piece of glass off the blood stained window. I took some more shattered
glass off the floor to analyze for fingerprints. I heard the wind blow into the room,
sweeping dust off the floor and making book pages fly. I took a ratty looking book with
me too, just in case.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Eclipse Book Review

Eclipse is the third book in the Twilight series, authored by Stephenie Meyer. Eclipse is set in Forks, Washington; the rainiest place in the continental US. The book is a romance novel. When Seattle is haunted by string of killing from many newborn vampires, human Bella Swan is surrounded by danger once again, and is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob.

Edward Cullen is a vampire who lives in secret. He, along with his four siblings, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper, and his adoptive parents Carlisle and Esme, blended with humans for as long as they could. They would pretend to go camping when the sun was out because they sparkled in the sun, and moved away and started a new life before anyone could suspect that they weren’t aging.

Bella Swan is an ordinary human. She is very clumsy, and lives with her dad, Charlie. She is in love with Edward Cullen, and wants to become a vampire like him (even though he doesn’t want her to be a monster like him). Her best friend is Jacob Black, the werewolf. Her enemy is Victoria, who wants to kill her because Edward killed her love, James. Basically, Bella lives her life in much danger.

Jacob Black is a werewolf, and Bella’s best friend. He is a member of a ten wolf pack. He is in love with Bella, and wants her to fall in love with him. He thinks Bella is throwing her life away by becoming a vampire. He also cusses a lot.

When Seattle is haunted by many mysterious killings, the Cullens soon think that the murderers are newborn vampires. Newborn vampires are newly changed vampires, whose emotions are suppressed by thirst for blood for about a year. Nobody knows who leads them, or what their goal is.

It starts at the Swan’s house when recently un-grounded Bella was waiting for Edward to come to her house. Bella is relieved when Edward comes so she can escape Charlie’s talk of collage and the dangers of sex. But when Edward finds Bella is no longer grounded he wants to take her to see the city lights. Charlie warns them not to go to Seattle because of all the killing there lately. Later, the Cullens find out that newborn vampires are the murderers.

Then Cullens then make an alliance with their natural enemy to protect Bella: the werewolves. They decided that they would battle the newborns, and began training with each other. Jasper knows newborn armies well because he was in one before, so he led most of the training. One day, Bella decided to go visit Jacob. They talked for a while, and eventually Jacob kissed her without her wanting to. After the experience, she punched him in the mouth, killing her hand.
The day of the fight, Edward and Seth, one of the werewolves, stayed in a clearing with Bella while everyone else fought the newborns. But they had lots of trouble when they were attacked by Victoria, the newborn’s leader, and Riley, a newborn she manipulated into thinking he was her mater. Edward fought her in a sort of dance style, while Seth ripped apart Riley. In the end, they both died.

I think that Eclipse was a good book, but I have an issue with it. The only new thing it brought to the table was that Victoria was dead now! I loved the book, it was fun to read, and contained my favorite quote, “If I had my way, I would spend the majority of my time kissing Edward” said by Bella. That was really my only issue. It was also beautifully written. Stephenie Meyer is a great author.

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My Pet Penguin =^^=

I think penguins would make a very suitable pet. There are many reasons for my choice in pet. Some may be good, and others you may think a little ridiculous. But either way, penguins do make excellent pets.

One reason is that they are very kind and determined. They spend their whole life searching for their penguin match. They also love their young so much; they fish for it and everything. OK, so humans give their young food too. But we give them mash and milk. They give their young fish.

Another is that you would have to move to Antarctica or near the equator to care for your penguin. If you chose Antarctica, this would make you the first permanent human resident to the zero population continent. Imagine the fame you and your penguin would get. People may even donate hunting supplies because they feel sympathy for you. And speaking of hunting, you could improve your hunting and cold endurance skills there along with the fame.

Your next option for moving is twards the equator. Sure, there is danger of malaria, and all of those African animals, but you’d have your feathered friend to comfort you in your times of need. And they wouldn’t be in danger of being preyed upon by seals. But elephant feet may be a problem…

Next I bring you to the fact that penguins don’t need to be caged for fear of flying away. They do not fly, they waddle. Then you could be spared medical bills for flying accidents. Although, you may end up distraught when your penguin builds an airplane and crashes it, but that’s another story.

So as you can see, penguins would make excellent pets. Even Edward Cullen thinks penguins are lovely (“Penguins. Lovely.” Edward Cullen, Eclipse). So why get a boring old parakeet, when you can get the best bird of them all: The Penguin.

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