Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What if...

1. What if we could breathe underwater?

2. What if you could buy skills?

3. What if men were treated like crap instead of women in the middle ages?

4. What if llamas could make the world's best omlets?

5. What if you met someone compleatly composed of bubble gum?

6. What if Florida suddenly turned into an ice box?

7. What if murder was legal?

8. What if English was the world's only language?

9. What if the question had no answer?

10. What if the driving age was five?

11. What if pie could talk?

12. What if all dolphins were immortal?

13. What if all anyone ever felt was pain?

14. What if all the world's sand turned into amoebas?

15. What if alchemists succeaded in turning lead into gold?

16. What if pencils were myths?

17. What if this paper got up and bit you?

18. What if Ella was a ponie?

19. What if all the people who live in the ghetto suddenly turned rich?

20. What if penguins originated from Pluto?

21. What if a new number existed between 11123.73 and 1123.74?

22. What if a a baby was the dictator of the world?

23. What if idiots were the healthiest food ever?

24. What if all the clocks on the face of the earth spontaniously combusted?

25. What if all the world's assassins turned into gel pens?

26. What if having a name that began with the letter "X" was illegal?

27. What if everything was a lie?

28. What if chocolate was inedible?

29. What if this list went on forever?

30. What if afdooga was another word for smart?

31. What if everyone was emo?

32. What if there was world peace?

33. What if everyone in China gave you five dollars?

34. What I weren't hungry right now?

35. What if pudding never existed??

36. What if Edward Cullen's real name was Gertrude?

37. What if thumbtacks could cure all ilness?

38. What if everything was a certain shade of blue?

39. What if everyone in the world threw a tomato at Santa Claus?

40. What if electric blue and neon yellow were Christmas colors?

41. What if warbafonkeltonitarmenzioto was a word?

42. What if flowers could read?

43. What if large tumors coming out of the armpit were considered attractive?

44. What if pink wasn't a color?

45. What if humans were born with blue butts?

46. What if EVERYONE liked pie?

47. What if the most popular name for boys was Guydude?

48. What if someone suddenly said April and September weren't months anymore?

49. What if coulds were made of ice cream?

50. What if people could really fall into books?

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Ziplining in Belize

During spring break of 2008, my family went on a cruse. My favorite excursion was to Belize, where I would be ziplining with my dad and little sister over a jungle. In the room we waited in, I saw two friends from the cruse kid's group-- Kelly and Rachel.

Our group got off the ship, and onto the bus that would take us to the jungle. The bus ride was an hour and a half long, so we kids amused ourselves by singing annoying songs. The adults weren't exactly amused by this.

When we finally reached the jungle, a few employees helped all the excursionists into their harnesses. The employees led us to a short zipline, where they demonstrated saftey rules and what to do if we got stuck on the zipline. After about five minutes of instruction, we welaked a short hill. Mine and my friends' families had to wait a while, because there were many others in front of us.

At last, we reached the launching platform. I was nervous at first. But when I took off, I felt exhilarated. It seemed like I was flying over the beautiful jumgle vegitation, the wind in my face. There were four more zips like this, not including the two compleatly vertical zips to navitgate us around different jungle zcenery. Everyone--including my friends and theri dad--agreen that this was something we would want to do agian.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Fun-Osity of ST. ANDREWS' STATE PARK!!!

Labor day weekend, I went with my Church youth group to St. Andrews' State Park in Panama City. We stayed there, and camped out for two nights and three days. We had a great view of the bay, and visited the beach multiple times every day. Both bodies of water were gorgeous, and fun to play in. The beach had crystal clear waters, which dolphins often came close to. There was a sandbar where you could catch hermit crabs, and was shallow enough to play lots of games, plus great snorkeling fun. But there were some drawbacks to our good time. Our campsite was sandy and buggy-full, so our clothes got sandy, and we got itchy. Despite that, our vacation was very enjoyable. I would give it four and a half out of five stars.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Being Freakishly Tall is FUN!!

As the title says, being freakishly tall is fun. You can reach things short people can't. You can call other people at average height, shorty. And you can make fun of other people that are much older than you, yet still shorter.

Look at my pretty blue white hair! Right now, I'm about five foot four. Give or take an inch or maybe... two.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hee hee... circles!

This is the result of the math equasion, bored+paint. I think they turned out pretty good, for random circle stuff made from boredom and experementing with the setting-like thingies. post signature

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Science Books are Doopy

Currently, I am hating my science text book. Why? On a chapter review, it gave me a complicated math problem that I had never seen anything like in my life. And today, I had to read a section in the book. With many paragraphs. And at the end, it said to write a funny story about what happens when the magnetism in the earth dissapears. Wait. I didn't even see five sentences with the word magnetism in it. And there was nothing at all about what the magnetic field is. So. Huh? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLES?!?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Art: Hikaru Sleeping

(I know, its bad. But its the first picture that I've drawn in the paint thingy :D)

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Monday, August 24, 2009


Two or three weeks ago, something miserable happened. Something fun was taken away from me. Days of endless goofing off, friends, and fun. And in its place came... schoolwork. That's right. Summer was taken away from me. And replaced with walking to my sister's stinking bus stop every weekmorning (Yay! a new word!) and staying there for 15 mind-numbing minutes.

Then I spend at least three hours *gahsp!* learning. But I do have it better than public school peoples (Yeah. I dissed you. What are you going to do about it?) The longest I've taken to do schoolwork this year is probably five hours. And the shortest? A little over an hour. I guess this isn't so bad. TAKE THAT PUBLIC MIDDLE SCHOOL! AND PRIVATE TOO! And with schoolwork comes...A plaid messenger bag! I so pwn Public school peoples.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Sorry for the long subject xD My mom just got me a book called "Life of PI" from the library. I can't wait to read it! It has the word Pi in the title, so it must be good. Uherm. If YOU (yes, YOU) are interested in my Pi book, here is the summary found on the back of the book:

When 16-year old Pi Patel finds himself stranded in a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with only a menacing 450-pound Bengal tiger for company, he quickly realizes that the only way he will survive is if he makes sure the tiger is more afraid of him than he is of it. Finding strength within himself, he draws upon all of his knowledge and cunning, battles for food and shelter, overcomes stroms and disasters, and, in the end, makes a peace of sorts with both tiger and ocean.

Sound interesting? Have you read this book? Do you intend to read this book? PIE IS GOOD!!!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

My Art

Haruki (the girl with short green hair) is in better quality.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Music is a treasure to me,

Without it my life would be bland

Half my life would go down the drain,

Plus the lives of people in bands.

There'd be no singing or dancing in bursts of glee,

We'd all live in a world of misery.

We'd spiral out of orbit into the sun,

The end of the human race will have begun.

So that's why my music is like my pie,

Without it everyone would die!

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Monday, August 10, 2009


I was rudely awoken by a metalic voice. "Wake up you dusty looking human," it said. My eyes slowly opened, and I was shocked at what I saw. In front of me was what looked like a floating, sliver girl. I slowly reaced out to touch her. She felt like metal. I looked down at myself. I looked just as normal as I did when I went to sleep last night. But why was this floating silver girl in my house. I looked around. My whole house had changed. Everything was made of what looked like metal. The bed with deep blue sheets was the only thing in my room that wasn't silver.

"Who are you?" I asked the silver girl.

"I am your thingiemabob," she replied.

"A thingiemabob?" I asked.

"Yes. We were once known as 'robots' by humans, but they found our kind's true name in time. I have served you all your life. Why must you know who I am?"

"You've served me all my life?" I asked. This was getting weird.

"Yes, since your birth in 2097," my thingiemabob replied.

"2097?" I felt sick to my stomach...

"Yes. The year is now 2109. Why does this all appear new to you?"

"Because I'm from 2009! And you aren't like the robots from 2009!" I snapped.

"Well, what do robots from 2009 do?" my thingiemabob sounded curious when she asked.

"Transform into cars," I said in a sheepish voice.

Haha! You like it? I got a Story starters bookie thingiemabob at the homeschool expo. I'm just doing this much, but if you want me to, comment on it telling me to continue.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Theras and His Town

Theras and His Town

Theras was a young boy who lived in Athens, Greece. When he turned seven, he started going to school like all the other boys. He was the best of his age in running, as he found out by racing many other boys.

One day when Theras was ten, his father gave him two Drachmas. Young boys weren’t allowed in the marketplace alone, so his father would have to go with Theras. But his father was busy, and had to wait for the next day

Theras wanted to go right then! So he snuck out of the house to spend his two shiny Drachmas. He spent the first on a ball, and the second on bread to offer to a goddess.

On his way back home, the man who sold him the ball stopped him and asked to show him the Medusa, the ship in the harbor. Theras told the toy man that his father would take him the next day, but the toy man argued that the Medusa would leave tomorrow. Theras was in despair, but the toy man offered to take him to see it.

When they got to the harbor, the toy man brought Theras onto a sailboat. There he tied Theras up and prepared for him to be sold as a slave. Theras soon fell asleep. He was awoken by the toy man cursing and yelling. He was doing so because Theras’ father had come to rescue him!

A year passed, and there was even more excitement in the Athenian house. Theras’ father was going to fight for Athens! Everyone was sad when he got on the ship that took him away. A few months later, Metion, a family relative, reported that the ship with half Theras’ dad’s life savings had sunken. Later, he reported that he died in the war. The whole house was stricken with grief.
Then Metion proposed that Theras should go live in Sparta with Hippias as his faster father. Theras was therefore brought to Sparta against his will.

When he got there he was made fun of and called girlie, because the Athenian custom was to grow your hair long and cut it when you are an adult. The Spartan custom is the opposite. He also couldn’t understand the Spartan language or get the drills straight. But he was a good swimmer and runner, and gained respect for that.

At first the Spartan ways seemed so new, and Theras learned to like them. But eventually they grew boring to Theras. He decides to escape, and take a Perioikoi boy with him named Abas.
On their way to Athens, Theras and Abas encounter many dangers. They are hunted by the Spartans, are almost caught at an inn sold as slaves, and almost get killed by a lynx. One day, Abas injures his ankle badly and Theras has to carry him. Soon, Abas goes mad and starts mumbling, “Hungry, hungry!”

One day, Theras sees a group of men and begs them to help Abas. They put him on a litter and carried them to Athens.

When he goes to his house, an unfamiliar man answers the door. The strange man said Metion sold the house. Later he finds his mother is living with Epikides, and old friend. On his way there, he meets his father! It turns out that he was only held hostage, and finally escaped! They sued Metion for selling the house, and move back in.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

You all know how much I like pie. And incase you didn't know. I like pie. A lot. And I have my own strawberry pie that I enjoy making. And I am now going to share my recipe with you.

So here we have our family of things you'll need. They are: a thing of strawberries, pie crust, pudding mix (I'm using white chocolate, but feel free to experiment with any other kind), Cool Whip, a bowl for the pudding, a cutting board, and a knife.First, you are going to want to make the pudding. It's quite simple. Follow the instructions, and stick it in the fridge until you need to bring it out again.

Then, your going to cut each strawberry into fourths.
Layer them on the bottom of the pie crust.

Remember that pudding? Now is its time. Add it on top of the strawberries.

Then you add the Cool Whip. Spread it with a spoon, and make sure no pudding comes up with it. After the Cool Whip is securely on the pie, make a pi symbol (optional, but I always do it :D) If you do the pi symbol, test it on a paper towel before putting it on the pie. And... ta-daaaaaaaaa!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pride and Prejudice= epic snore.

On Monday, I was forced to read Pride and Prejudice, and today I am forced to write a book report on it. So here it comes. Last warning...

There was once the Bennet family. They had five daughters, and Mrs. Bennet wanted them to all marry wealthy men. So when Mr. Bingley, a wealthy single man, comes to their town, she wants one of her daughters to marry him. To make sure that Mr. Bingley would notice Jane, their eldest daughter, the Bennets invited him to a dinner party.

Mr. Bingley brought his sisters, one of his sister's husbands, and his close friend, Mr. Darcy. Mr. Bingley instantly fell in love with Jane. Mr. Darcy was introduced to Elizabeth, who he thought "wasn't pretty enough to tempt him." Elizabeth was outraged and took a dislike to Mr. Darcy.
A few days later, Jane was invited to have dinner with the Bingley family. It was about to rain, but Mrs. Bennet made her ride a horse to get there. Jane fell sick when she was there. Mrs. Bennet was excited by the event, because the summoned doctor said that Jane should stay with the Bingleys until she made a recovery.

Elizabeth was worried about Jane, so she intended to visit her at once. She walked the four miles to Netherfield, just to see her sister. When she was there, Mr. Darcy realized that he may after all like this Elizabeth person.

A few days later, everyone agreed that Jane was well enough to leave Netherfield. When they got home, Mr. Bennet informed everyone that his cousin, Mr. Collins, was coming over for dinner. He wanted to marry one of the Bennet girls! But when they were on a walk, they were introduced to Mr. Wickham, who was an officer. They preffered him to Mr. Collins, because he was dashing and pleasant.

Later, Elizabeth talked to Mr. Wickham; and he talked about why he didn't like Mr. Darcy. Mr. Wickham was late Mr. Darcy's godson, and he was supposed to be provided for, but the position was given to another man. Elizabeth is very angry with Mr. Darcy for doing this. A few days later, there was a ball. Mr. Wickham said he would come, but Elizabeth ended up dancing with Mr. Collins. That's when she takes the hint. Mr. Collins wanted to marry her! Elizabeth pretended to be unaware of this.

And later, he did propose to Elizabeth! She turned the offer down. So her best friend, Charlotte, marries him instead a few days later. But earlier, Jane gets a message saying that Mr. Bingley left for London, and wasn't going to return this winter. Jane was heartbroken. Then, a few days later, someone informed Jane that Mr. Bingley never intended to return to Netherfield.
Elizabeth decided that she would pay Charlotte a visit. She could see that Charlotte wasn't happy with Mr. Collins.

One day, Elizabeth learned that Mr. Darcy was the reason behind Mr. Bingley's away going too! She did when he was proposing to her. She exploded on Mr. Darcy. But the next day, Mr. Darcy quietly gave Elizabeth a letter explaining his reasons for this, and for what he did to Mr. Wickham.

Elizabeth's aunt takes her to see Pemberly, where Mr. Darcy and Wickham spent their youths. She was very nervous about meeting Mr. Darcy there, and having to talk to him. And she does see him! Later, she agrees that she will be brought by carriage back to Pemberly to meet Darcy's younger sister. She had heard Georgiana Darcy was quite proud, but was really very shy.
She was enjoying her stay, when she got word from Jane. The letter said that their younger sister, Lydia, had run off with Mr. Wickham! But later the two come back, are married, and leave again.

Mrs. Bennet had heard word that Mr. Bingley was returning to Netherfield soon! She was beside herself with joy, but Jane pretended to act indifferent.

A few days later, Mr. Darcy proposed to Elizabeth again. Elizabeth quickly said yes. They were married, and Elizabeth lived with Darcy and Georgiana at Pemberly. Elizabeth and Georgiana became best friends, and later Mr. Bingley and Jane married too!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was born in 356 B.C. His dad was away from home a lot, so Alexander was raised close to his mom. He grew up to be brave, sure of himself, and headstrong. He didn't like to change his mind, even if what he planned seemed impossible.

When Alexander was ten, his father took him to a fair. They saw a beautiful horse, but it wouldn't let anyone near it. Alexander told his father that he could tame it. He noticed it was afraid of its shadow, so Alexander turned the horse to the sun and rode it. The horse, Busephalus, later carried Alexander to many of his adventures.

When Alexander turned sixteen, he joined the Macedonian army. Two years later, he fought in a battle against Chearonea, a town in Greece. Soon, the powerful Macedonian army defeated the city. The next year Macedonia and Greece made an agreement. They would help each-other fight when needed. Phillip, Alexander's father, led the combined army.

Now that Alexander and Phillip were working together, they became closer. But all of this changed when Phillip married a second wife. Alexander and his mom disliked the new bride, so the two of them moved away.

Alexander later returned, but in the celebration, Phillip was killed by one of his own body guards. Some people thought Alexander and his mother planned the murder. Some thought it was the Persians. But Phillip was dead, and Alexander took his place. In 334 B.C, Alexander felt ready to fight the Persians. He left half his army at home to keep the peace and took the other half to Asia Minor. At first things didn't go well and Alexander was nearly killed. But the Persians weren't ready for a long battle and Alexander's army outlasted them. Alexander took over some nearby Persian land. Meanwhile, Darius, the Persian ruler, was coming closer. They fought hard, but the Persians gave up and ran away.

After this, he went to Egypt. The Egyptians disliked being ruled by Persia, so they welcomed Alexander and named him their pharaoh. In Egypt, Alexander founded a city and named it Alexandria.

After more battles and conquering, Alexander set out to conquer India. It was much bigger than Alexander expected. In the battle, the Indian elephants scared the Greek horses. One day, Porus, an Indian ruler, decided Alexander would attack no more, so he stopped moving his troops. That night, Alexander made a surprise attack and defeated the Indian troops.

One his way back home, it seemed that Alexander's problems would never end. One of his best friends died, he missed his dead horse, and he was badly hurt. He only got worse. One day he became very ill and died.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mario Kart Review

Mario Kart Wii is a great game for family or solo play. It comes with a game disk and a wii wheel, although you can use the nunchuck or classic controller. When you first start the game, you have 12 characters (Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, and Bowser.) and can race on four grand prix’s with four courses each. You can earn new characters and new grand prix’s by gaining a high rank on the grand prix’s you have. For example, if you win at least third place on the flower cup, you will earn the star cup. If you come in first place on the star cup, you will earn a new character.

You can choose between three karts on 50cc, three bikes on 100cc, and either on the 150cc. You can earn the privileges to use karts and bikes on the 50cc and 100cc in addition to earning more vehicles. Karts and bikes also have different special abilities. Bikes can do wheelies, and karts can have extra mini turbo if you drift for long enough. The opposite is the same.

You can also do time trials to see who can get the fastest time. If your wii is connected to Wi-Fi, you can check the rankings of time trials world wide. You can even race rival ghosts, whose time on a certain course is a slight bit faster than yours.

But racing is not the only thing you can do on this game. There is also the option of battle. You pick your battle style (coin runners or balloon battle), your character, your team is picked by the wii, your kart or bike (standard kart and bike only) and finally the course. (Note: Nothing here is unlocked but the characters.)

There is also the choice of Wi-Fi mode, where you can race or battle people from all over the world. The race or battle is chosen by all the players’ vote. When everyone votes, the wii randomly picks a course, and you do that one. After every race or battle you have the option to quit, bit not in the middle of them.

I think Mario Kart is a great game. I became an expert in a matter of months. The characters are cool, the bikes and karts are different, and it is extremely fun!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

They Stole it! :-O

The Stolen Tales

I, detective Mr. E. Solver, stepped into the musty old library where a criminal had
stolen the last copy in the world of “The Rahmen Tales”. Shelves had been knocked over
and books had been ruined with footprints and even some coffee stains. It seemed that the
criminal had two goals, to get “The Rahmen Tales” and destroy the library.

The room was a mess as a result of the break-in. Before, I was told the library was in
its regular state. The books were set upon the dusty shelves; the old library was mixed
with the technology of computers, copiers, and fax machines. The room was filled with
light from the windows and the fixtures above.

Now, tables were upturned, their shining metal legs twisted. The front desk had been
ransacked for money from overdue books, and business cards were scattered everywhere.
Shelves were turned over on their sides, leaving old and tattered books scattered all over
the floor, trampled by feet and acquiring more tears than before the break-in. The whole
library smelled of blood, dirt, and coffee.

Many footprints dotted the dusty floor. I decided that there were too many footprints
ranging in too many sizes to be a one-person break-in. There were fingerprints along the
windows where the criminals may have entered. The glass case that held “The Rahmen
Tales” was smashed, so bits of clear glass lay everywhere, threatening to hurt the feet of
people with its sharpness. These were also mixed with the shattered glass from the light
fixtures above.

Along with “The Rahmen Tales” missing, computer monitors were taken, and the
copy machine was taken. Popular books such as “Long Shadows” and “Breaking Dawn”
were also stolen. But the crooks obviously cut themselves on the glass, because there was
blood smeared on the window.

I put on a pair of rubber gloves and began to pick up a few items off the floor. I
carefully broke a piece of glass off the blood stained window. I took some more shattered
glass off the floor to analyze for fingerprints. I heard the wind blow into the room,
sweeping dust off the floor and making book pages fly. I took a ratty looking book with
me too, just in case.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Eclipse Book Review

Eclipse is the third book in the Twilight series, authored by Stephenie Meyer. Eclipse is set in Forks, Washington; the rainiest place in the continental US. The book is a romance novel. When Seattle is haunted by string of killing from many newborn vampires, human Bella Swan is surrounded by danger once again, and is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob.

Edward Cullen is a vampire who lives in secret. He, along with his four siblings, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper, and his adoptive parents Carlisle and Esme, blended with humans for as long as they could. They would pretend to go camping when the sun was out because they sparkled in the sun, and moved away and started a new life before anyone could suspect that they weren’t aging.

Bella Swan is an ordinary human. She is very clumsy, and lives with her dad, Charlie. She is in love with Edward Cullen, and wants to become a vampire like him (even though he doesn’t want her to be a monster like him). Her best friend is Jacob Black, the werewolf. Her enemy is Victoria, who wants to kill her because Edward killed her love, James. Basically, Bella lives her life in much danger.

Jacob Black is a werewolf, and Bella’s best friend. He is a member of a ten wolf pack. He is in love with Bella, and wants her to fall in love with him. He thinks Bella is throwing her life away by becoming a vampire. He also cusses a lot.

When Seattle is haunted by many mysterious killings, the Cullens soon think that the murderers are newborn vampires. Newborn vampires are newly changed vampires, whose emotions are suppressed by thirst for blood for about a year. Nobody knows who leads them, or what their goal is.

It starts at the Swan’s house when recently un-grounded Bella was waiting for Edward to come to her house. Bella is relieved when Edward comes so she can escape Charlie’s talk of collage and the dangers of sex. But when Edward finds Bella is no longer grounded he wants to take her to see the city lights. Charlie warns them not to go to Seattle because of all the killing there lately. Later, the Cullens find out that newborn vampires are the murderers.

Then Cullens then make an alliance with their natural enemy to protect Bella: the werewolves. They decided that they would battle the newborns, and began training with each other. Jasper knows newborn armies well because he was in one before, so he led most of the training. One day, Bella decided to go visit Jacob. They talked for a while, and eventually Jacob kissed her without her wanting to. After the experience, she punched him in the mouth, killing her hand.
The day of the fight, Edward and Seth, one of the werewolves, stayed in a clearing with Bella while everyone else fought the newborns. But they had lots of trouble when they were attacked by Victoria, the newborn’s leader, and Riley, a newborn she manipulated into thinking he was her mater. Edward fought her in a sort of dance style, while Seth ripped apart Riley. In the end, they both died.

I think that Eclipse was a good book, but I have an issue with it. The only new thing it brought to the table was that Victoria was dead now! I loved the book, it was fun to read, and contained my favorite quote, “If I had my way, I would spend the majority of my time kissing Edward” said by Bella. That was really my only issue. It was also beautifully written. Stephenie Meyer is a great author.

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My Pet Penguin =^^=

I think penguins would make a very suitable pet. There are many reasons for my choice in pet. Some may be good, and others you may think a little ridiculous. But either way, penguins do make excellent pets.

One reason is that they are very kind and determined. They spend their whole life searching for their penguin match. They also love their young so much; they fish for it and everything. OK, so humans give their young food too. But we give them mash and milk. They give their young fish.

Another is that you would have to move to Antarctica or near the equator to care for your penguin. If you chose Antarctica, this would make you the first permanent human resident to the zero population continent. Imagine the fame you and your penguin would get. People may even donate hunting supplies because they feel sympathy for you. And speaking of hunting, you could improve your hunting and cold endurance skills there along with the fame.

Your next option for moving is twards the equator. Sure, there is danger of malaria, and all of those African animals, but you’d have your feathered friend to comfort you in your times of need. And they wouldn’t be in danger of being preyed upon by seals. But elephant feet may be a problem…

Next I bring you to the fact that penguins don’t need to be caged for fear of flying away. They do not fly, they waddle. Then you could be spared medical bills for flying accidents. Although, you may end up distraught when your penguin builds an airplane and crashes it, but that’s another story.

So as you can see, penguins would make excellent pets. Even Edward Cullen thinks penguins are lovely (“Penguins. Lovely.” Edward Cullen, Eclipse). So why get a boring old parakeet, when you can get the best bird of them all: The Penguin.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Tuesdayness

OK, I'm starting a new weekly meme event! I will be the founder of... RANDOM TUESDAYNESS! There will be a theme for each Tuesday, and I will answer the questions, and you will too! So, here is our first week of randomness. And the theme is...

Random Theme #1: Favorites

1: Favorite Plot: The plot of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Time (A Nintendo DS game). It is the best plot evah! Basicly, time is stopping all over the world because of Time Gear theft. Time Gears are five hidden objects that keep time in balance. But you, the hero, don't know the half of your role in all of this (because you aquired amesia in the begining of the game). You are actually a human from the future who comes to the past to stop the destruction of time by taking the Time Gears to Temporal Tower, the place where Dialga rules time. There is much more to the plot, but that shall be a mystery for now (wink win; ;-] )

2: Favorite Song of the Molment: Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park or Life on the Moon by David Cook. I have been listening to these songs OVER AND OVER on my playlist. They are ASUM, if you want to check them out.

3: Favorite Book Series: Warriors! THE BEST BOOK SERIES EVER! Nothing can top these books about four Clans of cats living in the forest. I won't give out any spoilers to any who may be interested. And I have a good opinion on books. I like Twilight.

4: Favorite thing to randomly shout out: Happy Fluffy Bunnysquirrels! or The refridgerator tastes good. Yep. I am a very random person. But I can't take all the credit for the hfbs. Silversong made them up. AND THEY ARE FREAKING ASUM! (She has a blog)

5: Favorite Food: Grits casserole and PIE! You all know how much I just *heart* pie. There is no more to be said about that.

OK, that was 5 questions. If you do this on your blog, there is no limit to how many questions you ask. Just ask questions! So long!

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Themesong: Burton Earny- The llama song! Because it is very random.