Friday, March 6, 2009

My Pet Penguin =^^=

I think penguins would make a very suitable pet. There are many reasons for my choice in pet. Some may be good, and others you may think a little ridiculous. But either way, penguins do make excellent pets.

One reason is that they are very kind and determined. They spend their whole life searching for their penguin match. They also love their young so much; they fish for it and everything. OK, so humans give their young food too. But we give them mash and milk. They give their young fish.

Another is that you would have to move to Antarctica or near the equator to care for your penguin. If you chose Antarctica, this would make you the first permanent human resident to the zero population continent. Imagine the fame you and your penguin would get. People may even donate hunting supplies because they feel sympathy for you. And speaking of hunting, you could improve your hunting and cold endurance skills there along with the fame.

Your next option for moving is twards the equator. Sure, there is danger of malaria, and all of those African animals, but you’d have your feathered friend to comfort you in your times of need. And they wouldn’t be in danger of being preyed upon by seals. But elephant feet may be a problem…

Next I bring you to the fact that penguins don’t need to be caged for fear of flying away. They do not fly, they waddle. Then you could be spared medical bills for flying accidents. Although, you may end up distraught when your penguin builds an airplane and crashes it, but that’s another story.

So as you can see, penguins would make excellent pets. Even Edward Cullen thinks penguins are lovely (“Penguins. Lovely.” Edward Cullen, Eclipse). So why get a boring old parakeet, when you can get the best bird of them all: The Penguin.

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Rhea said...

I hope you can hear me clapping all the way over here in Texas! I LOVE PENGUINS!

In elementary school we read Mr. Popper's Penguins, and from that moment on, I was in love.

I had stuffed penguins.

At our Dallas Aquarium, we have Jackass Penguins (I'm not trying to say a bad word, that's what they're called!) and they can live in our Texas weather. WEiRD?!

Homeschool said...

This was so cool to read! I love penguins! :D

Sugar said...

Thanks for commenting! I know penguins are cute. I just love the way they waddle :')