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Theras and His Town

Theras and His Town

Theras was a young boy who lived in Athens, Greece. When he turned seven, he started going to school like all the other boys. He was the best of his age in running, as he found out by racing many other boys.

One day when Theras was ten, his father gave him two Drachmas. Young boys weren’t allowed in the marketplace alone, so his father would have to go with Theras. But his father was busy, and had to wait for the next day

Theras wanted to go right then! So he snuck out of the house to spend his two shiny Drachmas. He spent the first on a ball, and the second on bread to offer to a goddess.

On his way back home, the man who sold him the ball stopped him and asked to show him the Medusa, the ship in the harbor. Theras told the toy man that his father would take him the next day, but the toy man argued that the Medusa would leave tomorrow. Theras was in despair, but the toy man offered to take him to see it.

When they got to the harbor, the toy man brought Theras onto a sailboat. There he tied Theras up and prepared for him to be sold as a slave. Theras soon fell asleep. He was awoken by the toy man cursing and yelling. He was doing so because Theras’ father had come to rescue him!

A year passed, and there was even more excitement in the Athenian house. Theras’ father was going to fight for Athens! Everyone was sad when he got on the ship that took him away. A few months later, Metion, a family relative, reported that the ship with half Theras’ dad’s life savings had sunken. Later, he reported that he died in the war. The whole house was stricken with grief.
Then Metion proposed that Theras should go live in Sparta with Hippias as his faster father. Theras was therefore brought to Sparta against his will.

When he got there he was made fun of and called girlie, because the Athenian custom was to grow your hair long and cut it when you are an adult. The Spartan custom is the opposite. He also couldn’t understand the Spartan language or get the drills straight. But he was a good swimmer and runner, and gained respect for that.

At first the Spartan ways seemed so new, and Theras learned to like them. But eventually they grew boring to Theras. He decides to escape, and take a Perioikoi boy with him named Abas.
On their way to Athens, Theras and Abas encounter many dangers. They are hunted by the Spartans, are almost caught at an inn sold as slaves, and almost get killed by a lynx. One day, Abas injures his ankle badly and Theras has to carry him. Soon, Abas goes mad and starts mumbling, “Hungry, hungry!”

One day, Theras sees a group of men and begs them to help Abas. They put him on a litter and carried them to Athens.

When he goes to his house, an unfamiliar man answers the door. The strange man said Metion sold the house. Later he finds his mother is living with Epikides, and old friend. On his way there, he meets his father! It turns out that he was only held hostage, and finally escaped! They sued Metion for selling the house, and move back in.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

You all know how much I like pie. And incase you didn't know. I like pie. A lot. And I have my own strawberry pie that I enjoy making. And I am now going to share my recipe with you.

So here we have our family of things you'll need. They are: a thing of strawberries, pie crust, pudding mix (I'm using white chocolate, but feel free to experiment with any other kind), Cool Whip, a bowl for the pudding, a cutting board, and a knife.First, you are going to want to make the pudding. It's quite simple. Follow the instructions, and stick it in the fridge until you need to bring it out again.

Then, your going to cut each strawberry into fourths.
Layer them on the bottom of the pie crust.

Remember that pudding? Now is its time. Add it on top of the strawberries.

Then you add the Cool Whip. Spread it with a spoon, and make sure no pudding comes up with it. After the Cool Whip is securely on the pie, make a pi symbol (optional, but I always do it :D) If you do the pi symbol, test it on a paper towel before putting it on the pie. And... ta-daaaaaaaaa!

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Pride and Prejudice= epic snore.

On Monday, I was forced to read Pride and Prejudice, and today I am forced to write a book report on it. So here it comes. Last warning...

There was once the Bennet family. They had five daughters, and Mrs. Bennet wanted them to all marry wealthy men. So when Mr. Bingley, a wealthy single man, comes to their town, she wants one of her daughters to marry him. To make sure that Mr. Bingley would notice Jane, their eldest daughter, the Bennets invited him to a dinner party.

Mr. Bingley brought his sisters, one of his sister's husbands, and his close friend, Mr. Darcy. Mr. Bingley instantly fell in love with Jane. Mr. Darcy was introduced to Elizabeth, who he thought "wasn't pretty enough to tempt him." Elizabeth was outraged and took a dislike to Mr. Darcy.
A few days later, Jane was invited to have dinner with the Bingley family. It was about to rain, but Mrs. Bennet made her ride a horse to get there. Jane fell sick when she was there. Mrs. Bennet was excited by the event, because the summoned doctor said that Jane should stay with the Bingleys until she made a recovery.

Elizabeth was worried about Jane, so she intended to visit her at once. She walked the four miles to Netherfield, just to see her sister. When she was there, Mr. Darcy realized that he may after all like this Elizabeth person.

A few days later, everyone agreed that Jane was well enough to leave Netherfield. When they got home, Mr. Bennet informed everyone that his cousin, Mr. Collins, was coming over for dinner. He wanted to marry one of the Bennet girls! But when they were on a walk, they were introduced to Mr. Wickham, who was an officer. They preffered him to Mr. Collins, because he was dashing and pleasant.

Later, Elizabeth talked to Mr. Wickham; and he talked about why he didn't like Mr. Darcy. Mr. Wickham was late Mr. Darcy's godson, and he was supposed to be provided for, but the position was given to another man. Elizabeth is very angry with Mr. Darcy for doing this. A few days later, there was a ball. Mr. Wickham said he would come, but Elizabeth ended up dancing with Mr. Collins. That's when she takes the hint. Mr. Collins wanted to marry her! Elizabeth pretended to be unaware of this.

And later, he did propose to Elizabeth! She turned the offer down. So her best friend, Charlotte, marries him instead a few days later. But earlier, Jane gets a message saying that Mr. Bingley left for London, and wasn't going to return this winter. Jane was heartbroken. Then, a few days later, someone informed Jane that Mr. Bingley never intended to return to Netherfield.
Elizabeth decided that she would pay Charlotte a visit. She could see that Charlotte wasn't happy with Mr. Collins.

One day, Elizabeth learned that Mr. Darcy was the reason behind Mr. Bingley's away going too! She did when he was proposing to her. She exploded on Mr. Darcy. But the next day, Mr. Darcy quietly gave Elizabeth a letter explaining his reasons for this, and for what he did to Mr. Wickham.

Elizabeth's aunt takes her to see Pemberly, where Mr. Darcy and Wickham spent their youths. She was very nervous about meeting Mr. Darcy there, and having to talk to him. And she does see him! Later, she agrees that she will be brought by carriage back to Pemberly to meet Darcy's younger sister. She had heard Georgiana Darcy was quite proud, but was really very shy.
She was enjoying her stay, when she got word from Jane. The letter said that their younger sister, Lydia, had run off with Mr. Wickham! But later the two come back, are married, and leave again.

Mrs. Bennet had heard word that Mr. Bingley was returning to Netherfield soon! She was beside herself with joy, but Jane pretended to act indifferent.

A few days later, Mr. Darcy proposed to Elizabeth again. Elizabeth quickly said yes. They were married, and Elizabeth lived with Darcy and Georgiana at Pemberly. Elizabeth and Georgiana became best friends, and later Mr. Bingley and Jane married too!

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