Monday, September 29, 2008

Japan Fest (with parenthesis!)

Hello people of earth and Mars! If you are one to look at my title, you know that this post will be about the Japan fest! I went with mom, dad, Teddiursa, and Pikachu's little sister, Terror (OK, maybe Pikachu Jr.). We got there and got our tickets, and I was jealous of Pikachu Jr. for having a blue one while the rest of us get the duds (AKA, red ones).

After that, we all went to take a picture with a giant blow up cat. But because taking a picture is just no fun, I pretended to slice the cat's head off. But I was unsuccessful.

The second thing we did was to go look at the banzai trees. They looked so cool! People wrapped wire around the branches, causing them to grow funky. Again, very cool! They could also make them grow on rocks! I liked the mini banzais the best, they were very cute! What, a tree can't be cute?Once that was done, we went to wait in line for the children's area. Mom took me over to look at the rice paper while Pikachu Jr. and Teddiursa sat down and... I don't know what they did exactly. But anyway, the rice paper was beautiful! There was a scene where the sky was purple, and there were golden tree branches everywhere. The birds flying around on the paper were sage, gold and they had some red.After the rice paper heaven, the children's area was open! It was all crafts, with Japanese music playing (in Japanese!). I made a lanturn that was all blue, and a fish stick. OK, it was a wooden stick with three paper fish on it. But the opportunity was right there! When we finished that, the five of us went to the food court. I got shrimp tempura over noodles, and Teddiursa got green tea ice cream. We learned alot of things in the food court. We learned that the noodles from Japan are thick, that shrimp tempura is really good, and that a traditional Japanesse snack/lunch is Lay's sour cream and onion chips and diet coke.After that, we began wandering around looking at stuff. We saw people doing kung fu (or something like that). They showed us how to do it in slow mo, so we could understand what they were doing. They attacked each other with sticks, and with spiky wrist thingys. They also did self defence sitting down.

Once three to five fights were over, we moved on. We each got a pokemon mask. Teddiursa got a Plussle

And Pikachu Jr. and me (bad grammar intended) got Piplup mask (remember Bubble?)
We then got our names written in Japanese. They look so pretty! Then we headed out. Imagine this taking 3 (glorious) hours. Bye bye!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Roller Coasters and Other Rides

Hello Bloggers around the world! I am here today to tell you about rollar coasters and other rides that I've been on before. Now here is our first contestant, the GEORGIA CYCLONE! This is probably the bumpiest ride at six flags over Georgia! I have bumped my head on this about one trillion bilion milion thousand hundred eleven times. OK, not that many times, but you get my idea.

Our next ride on the scene is: The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror!

I've been on this one 14 times! I can also explain every little detail. OK, so obviously you wait in line. When you get inside, you and a bunch of people you don't know (or possibly you do know all these people) cram into a room to watch a 5 minute movie. Then-- more lines! There are three elevators to choose from, but there's no difference. Once you get into the elevator, you go up and see blue holograms. They crack and you go up some more (yay!). Then the elevator stops, and goes forward. You see a floating eye, and some other stuff. Then you get to a point where you either go up, or drop. The dropping number is random, but is also so fun! Me and Dad and Teddiursa rode this 11 times in one night!

Our next ride is: Test Track!
This is the bob family, where everyone is named bob. I've ridden this thing 4 times in a row without stopping MAN! It is my favorite ride in Disney World! And yes, I laugh maniacally on this ride. What? It's fun!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Texas: It ate the no longer existing state of Barlentolli

Hello, and this is where I insert my name that you know, but you know my name. I had another writing assignment on Wednesday, and this is my final draft of randomness. Oh yeah, there's stuff about lots of food :-)

The hamburger won the fast food long jump.
Nobody got hurt in the science lab explosion.
Texas ate the no longer existing state, Barlentolli.
Uncle Harry got eaten by a lion.
You must get me a kitten.
The Boston Tea Party happened during the American Revolution.
My friends do not exist happily.
Hope got mad at jealousy for stealing her one true love.
Gary and I learned that metal blows up in the microwave.
Happiness wiped out sadness in my mind.

Soy beans!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Georgia Cyclone-- And All the Drama That Comes With

Hello! I thought you'd like to see my writing assignment. No? TOO BAD.

My favorite ride at 6 Flags over Georgia is the Georgia Cyclone. The first time I rode it was with my dad. We got into the car, and it pulled around a small turn. As we went up the hill, I got a sick feeling of regret in the pit of my stomach. We went down the hill, and I bumped my head a lot thanks to the extreme bumpiness. There were a lot of sharp turns and hills, but all in all it was extremely fun. We went on it twice in a row because barely anybody was in line.

Two years later, I came back to Six Flags with one of my best friends named Pikachu. Because there was three of us, Pikachu and I had to ride in a separate car from dad. When we got off, we expected to see dad boarding because the other cart was broken. But it wasn’t there! Pikachu and I started freaking out, but then dad came in the cart that was out of order. We didn’t know why it didn’t start boarding until now, but we just went with it.

The fourth time riding it, the three of us went with my little sister Teddiursa for her first time on the ride. We went on, and Teddiursa said she was scared just at the hill climb. Afterward, she said she hated it because it was too bumpy and too fast. I have to admit, the bumpiness hurts you head a little.

After the ride with Madalyn, her and dad stayed at a table near a place the sold burgers and hot dogs. Pikachu and I agreed to ride it together with no adult. The line wasn’t very long because it was later in the day. Pikachu devised a plan to lean our heads foreword so not to get bumped. But after seeing the sign that said “Keep you heads on the headrest” I got an idea. It turns out that if you force your head to stay on the headrest, you don’t bump it as much.

By now you can tell that alot of my friends like pokemon.




My love...

Oops, too carried away.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Explorers of Time! Part 4.

OK, so you've waited for us to come back. Me and Quil's adventure takes off again! Now, here we go!

OK, so me and Quil have done some pretty hard work lately. So one day, after the morning breifings, Chattot comes up to us and says, "You two have done some pretty hard work lately. So Guildmaster has ordered you two to go to Waterfall cave and investigate there."

So me and Quil make our way to the cave. When we get there, all we see is a waterfall. Quil goes up to the water and touches it, and gets hurt. Then I go touch it and!.... get hurt too. But then it happens again. I get another dizzy spell. The white line comes back (oh the agony!) and I see this.

It is a dark shadow of a pokemon. He looks around, then jumps into our painful waterfall. Then, the vision ends.

I tell Quil about it, and he doesn't want to at first. But, in the end, we jump in. There is a cave behind the waterfall, full of water types JUST LIKE ME! So, we go into the dungeon, and beat them up! Then we reach the end of the cave. There is a HUGE gem in the back, which Quil tries to move. Then he fails.

I try, but instead of the giant gem moving, I get another dizzy spell... woo hoo.

I saw that same dark shadow, and he pushes the gem. Then, a giant tidal wave swoops him up. Then, the dim-- ends. MWAHAHAH.

Before I cound warn him, Quil pushes the gem in. Then we get swooped up by the tidal wave, and get washed a long way away, to the hot spring. When we get back, we tell Chattot about the cave. But then, I realize that the outline looks like Wiglytuff!

We tell Chattot, and he goes to ask Wigglytuff if he's been there before. Then Chattot repeats what Wigglytuff says.

"Memories... oh memories! YOOM TAH!" (Yoom Tah is Wigglytuff's catch phrase). And that is the end of our part. How sad. But, here is Wigglutuff and Chattot's picture.

Yes, this big pink thing is a man. And kinda weird.... This is Chattot, AKA nag. Well, I'm off!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Explorers of Time! Part 3.

Hello Pi fans! The long awaited: Explorers of Time! Part 3. OK, so you've been waiting, what? Two days? Anyway, here's a recap:

We just arrested Drowzee.

Now this part isn't about me or Quil. It's about a pokemon called Grovyle and is now my absolute fave! Here's his picture:

That is his outline. Here's what he looks like for real:

Isn't he AWESOME?Ok, you see a dark outline that looks like the one above, ^only black. He seems to be running on wet ground. Then, he sees it. "That's it! That's a time gear!" then he takes it. After doing so, time stops. He runs (wich he is good at) away so he doesn't get caught in the paralysis.

OK, that was short, so I'll show you what me and Quil look like:

This one is me. I'm so cute!

This is Quil in attack mode. Those flames aren't there when he isn't attacking. But he's so cute!
Now I shall go. I bet you can't wait for more!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Explorers of Time! Part 2.

Hi! I don't feel like saying my name right about now, and you probably know who I am by now. So, I'll continue the Explorers of time game.


I had just picked up an apple, and gave it to Azurill (who is a boy, but looks like a cute little girly). Soon afterwords, I got a dizzy spell. Then it happened.

I white line cut across the screen, and I heard a cry for help. Then, I came back to earth. The white line cut across the screen again, and there was no more scream. But the strange thing is, I was the only one who heard the scream! Even stranger, it sounded like Azurill.

So me and Quil made our way back to the guild. Then, the brothers told us about this Pokemon named Drowzee. He said that he found their lost item, and offered to help look for it. While leaving the scene, Drowzee bumped into me! Then, I got another dim-- dizzy spell. Heh heh. The white line cut across the screen, and I had another dim-- vision.

This time, not only was it Azurill's scream, but I saw this:

"Now if you just co-operate, you'll be just fine," Drowzee had said. Azurill tried to run, and yelled, "H-h-HELP!" Then the white line cut across the screen, and I was back at in the middle of tresure town.

Me, Quil, and Bidoof went back to the guild to look at the outlaw notice boards. They had just been updated. Then, Quil saw it. "Look up there, in the top left corner." We all saw Drowzee.

We ran out of the guild, to find Marril. He said, "Me, Drowzee, and Azurill were looking for the lost item. Then, they weren't there all of a sudden. I called and called, but I got no answer." Then me and wyul Quio Quil went to Mt. Bristle, where Drowzee was. When we reached the top, we battled drowzee with the awesome power of Bubble and Quil! We won, and got Drowzee arested.

Well, now I shall go. Be on the lookout for Part 3! Oh, and you'll find out what the dim-- is sooner or later... probably later.

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