Thursday, September 4, 2008

Explorers of Time! Part 3.

Hello Pi fans! The long awaited: Explorers of Time! Part 3. OK, so you've been waiting, what? Two days? Anyway, here's a recap:

We just arrested Drowzee.

Now this part isn't about me or Quil. It's about a pokemon called Grovyle and is now my absolute fave! Here's his picture:

That is his outline. Here's what he looks like for real:

Isn't he AWESOME?Ok, you see a dark outline that looks like the one above, ^only black. He seems to be running on wet ground. Then, he sees it. "That's it! That's a time gear!" then he takes it. After doing so, time stops. He runs (wich he is good at) away so he doesn't get caught in the paralysis.

OK, that was short, so I'll show you what me and Quil look like:

This one is me. I'm so cute!

This is Quil in attack mode. Those flames aren't there when he isn't attacking. But he's so cute!
Now I shall go. I bet you can't wait for more!

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