Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Georgia Cyclone-- And All the Drama That Comes With

Hello! I thought you'd like to see my writing assignment. No? TOO BAD.

My favorite ride at 6 Flags over Georgia is the Georgia Cyclone. The first time I rode it was with my dad. We got into the car, and it pulled around a small turn. As we went up the hill, I got a sick feeling of regret in the pit of my stomach. We went down the hill, and I bumped my head a lot thanks to the extreme bumpiness. There were a lot of sharp turns and hills, but all in all it was extremely fun. We went on it twice in a row because barely anybody was in line.

Two years later, I came back to Six Flags with one of my best friends named Pikachu. Because there was three of us, Pikachu and I had to ride in a separate car from dad. When we got off, we expected to see dad boarding because the other cart was broken. But it wasn’t there! Pikachu and I started freaking out, but then dad came in the cart that was out of order. We didn’t know why it didn’t start boarding until now, but we just went with it.

The fourth time riding it, the three of us went with my little sister Teddiursa for her first time on the ride. We went on, and Teddiursa said she was scared just at the hill climb. Afterward, she said she hated it because it was too bumpy and too fast. I have to admit, the bumpiness hurts you head a little.

After the ride with Madalyn, her and dad stayed at a table near a place the sold burgers and hot dogs. Pikachu and I agreed to ride it together with no adult. The line wasn’t very long because it was later in the day. Pikachu devised a plan to lean our heads foreword so not to get bumped. But after seeing the sign that said “Keep you heads on the headrest” I got an idea. It turns out that if you force your head to stay on the headrest, you don’t bump it as much.

By now you can tell that alot of my friends like pokemon.




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Oops, too carried away.

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Bobbi said...

Great essay! I like Pikachu, too!