Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Explorers of Time! Part 2.

Hi! I don't feel like saying my name right about now, and you probably know who I am by now. So, I'll continue the Explorers of time game.


I had just picked up an apple, and gave it to Azurill (who is a boy, but looks like a cute little girly). Soon afterwords, I got a dizzy spell. Then it happened.

I white line cut across the screen, and I heard a cry for help. Then, I came back to earth. The white line cut across the screen again, and there was no more scream. But the strange thing is, I was the only one who heard the scream! Even stranger, it sounded like Azurill.

So me and Quil made our way back to the guild. Then, the brothers told us about this Pokemon named Drowzee. He said that he found their lost item, and offered to help look for it. While leaving the scene, Drowzee bumped into me! Then, I got another dim-- dizzy spell. Heh heh. The white line cut across the screen, and I had another dim-- vision.

This time, not only was it Azurill's scream, but I saw this:

"Now if you just co-operate, you'll be just fine," Drowzee had said. Azurill tried to run, and yelled, "H-h-HELP!" Then the white line cut across the screen, and I was back at in the middle of tresure town.

Me, Quil, and Bidoof went back to the guild to look at the outlaw notice boards. They had just been updated. Then, Quil saw it. "Look up there, in the top left corner." We all saw Drowzee.

We ran out of the guild, to find Marril. He said, "Me, Drowzee, and Azurill were looking for the lost item. Then, they weren't there all of a sudden. I called and called, but I got no answer." Then me and wyul Quio Quil went to Mt. Bristle, where Drowzee was. When we reached the top, we battled drowzee with the awesome power of Bubble and Quil! We won, and got Drowzee arested.

Well, now I shall go. Be on the lookout for Part 3! Oh, and you'll find out what the dim-- is sooner or later... probably later.

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