Monday, September 22, 2008

Roller Coasters and Other Rides

Hello Bloggers around the world! I am here today to tell you about rollar coasters and other rides that I've been on before. Now here is our first contestant, the GEORGIA CYCLONE! This is probably the bumpiest ride at six flags over Georgia! I have bumped my head on this about one trillion bilion milion thousand hundred eleven times. OK, not that many times, but you get my idea.

Our next ride on the scene is: The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror!

I've been on this one 14 times! I can also explain every little detail. OK, so obviously you wait in line. When you get inside, you and a bunch of people you don't know (or possibly you do know all these people) cram into a room to watch a 5 minute movie. Then-- more lines! There are three elevators to choose from, but there's no difference. Once you get into the elevator, you go up and see blue holograms. They crack and you go up some more (yay!). Then the elevator stops, and goes forward. You see a floating eye, and some other stuff. Then you get to a point where you either go up, or drop. The dropping number is random, but is also so fun! Me and Dad and Teddiursa rode this 11 times in one night!

Our next ride is: Test Track!
This is the bob family, where everyone is named bob. I've ridden this thing 4 times in a row without stopping MAN! It is my favorite ride in Disney World! And yes, I laugh maniacally on this ride. What? It's fun!

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