Monday, September 29, 2008

Japan Fest (with parenthesis!)

Hello people of earth and Mars! If you are one to look at my title, you know that this post will be about the Japan fest! I went with mom, dad, Teddiursa, and Pikachu's little sister, Terror (OK, maybe Pikachu Jr.). We got there and got our tickets, and I was jealous of Pikachu Jr. for having a blue one while the rest of us get the duds (AKA, red ones).

After that, we all went to take a picture with a giant blow up cat. But because taking a picture is just no fun, I pretended to slice the cat's head off. But I was unsuccessful.

The second thing we did was to go look at the banzai trees. They looked so cool! People wrapped wire around the branches, causing them to grow funky. Again, very cool! They could also make them grow on rocks! I liked the mini banzais the best, they were very cute! What, a tree can't be cute?Once that was done, we went to wait in line for the children's area. Mom took me over to look at the rice paper while Pikachu Jr. and Teddiursa sat down and... I don't know what they did exactly. But anyway, the rice paper was beautiful! There was a scene where the sky was purple, and there were golden tree branches everywhere. The birds flying around on the paper were sage, gold and they had some red.After the rice paper heaven, the children's area was open! It was all crafts, with Japanese music playing (in Japanese!). I made a lanturn that was all blue, and a fish stick. OK, it was a wooden stick with three paper fish on it. But the opportunity was right there! When we finished that, the five of us went to the food court. I got shrimp tempura over noodles, and Teddiursa got green tea ice cream. We learned alot of things in the food court. We learned that the noodles from Japan are thick, that shrimp tempura is really good, and that a traditional Japanesse snack/lunch is Lay's sour cream and onion chips and diet coke.After that, we began wandering around looking at stuff. We saw people doing kung fu (or something like that). They showed us how to do it in slow mo, so we could understand what they were doing. They attacked each other with sticks, and with spiky wrist thingys. They also did self defence sitting down.

Once three to five fights were over, we moved on. We each got a pokemon mask. Teddiursa got a Plussle

And Pikachu Jr. and me (bad grammar intended) got Piplup mask (remember Bubble?)
We then got our names written in Japanese. They look so pretty! Then we headed out. Imagine this taking 3 (glorious) hours. Bye bye!

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Lula! said...

JAPAN! That is utter coolness. This was fun to read...

And what is this "Somebody vote for me!" over on your mom's blog?

I totally voted for YOU! Thankyouverymuch.

And your new Edward picture is coming...

Rhea said...

What a neat festival! Those noodles look so yummy.

Great job on letting us know about your visit and what you saw. I like bonsai trees too.

squirtle said...

cool! but... green tea ice cream?