Thursday, September 11, 2008

Explorers of Time! Part 4.

OK, so you've waited for us to come back. Me and Quil's adventure takes off again! Now, here we go!

OK, so me and Quil have done some pretty hard work lately. So one day, after the morning breifings, Chattot comes up to us and says, "You two have done some pretty hard work lately. So Guildmaster has ordered you two to go to Waterfall cave and investigate there."

So me and Quil make our way to the cave. When we get there, all we see is a waterfall. Quil goes up to the water and touches it, and gets hurt. Then I go touch it and!.... get hurt too. But then it happens again. I get another dizzy spell. The white line comes back (oh the agony!) and I see this.

It is a dark shadow of a pokemon. He looks around, then jumps into our painful waterfall. Then, the vision ends.

I tell Quil about it, and he doesn't want to at first. But, in the end, we jump in. There is a cave behind the waterfall, full of water types JUST LIKE ME! So, we go into the dungeon, and beat them up! Then we reach the end of the cave. There is a HUGE gem in the back, which Quil tries to move. Then he fails.

I try, but instead of the giant gem moving, I get another dizzy spell... woo hoo.

I saw that same dark shadow, and he pushes the gem. Then, a giant tidal wave swoops him up. Then, the dim-- ends. MWAHAHAH.

Before I cound warn him, Quil pushes the gem in. Then we get swooped up by the tidal wave, and get washed a long way away, to the hot spring. When we get back, we tell Chattot about the cave. But then, I realize that the outline looks like Wiglytuff!

We tell Chattot, and he goes to ask Wigglytuff if he's been there before. Then Chattot repeats what Wigglytuff says.

"Memories... oh memories! YOOM TAH!" (Yoom Tah is Wigglytuff's catch phrase). And that is the end of our part. How sad. But, here is Wigglutuff and Chattot's picture.

Yes, this big pink thing is a man. And kinda weird.... This is Chattot, AKA nag. Well, I'm off!

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