Friday, September 19, 2008

Texas: It ate the no longer existing state of Barlentolli

Hello, and this is where I insert my name that you know, but you know my name. I had another writing assignment on Wednesday, and this is my final draft of randomness. Oh yeah, there's stuff about lots of food :-)

The hamburger won the fast food long jump.
Nobody got hurt in the science lab explosion.
Texas ate the no longer existing state, Barlentolli.
Uncle Harry got eaten by a lion.
You must get me a kitten.
The Boston Tea Party happened during the American Revolution.
My friends do not exist happily.
Hope got mad at jealousy for stealing her one true love.
Gary and I learned that metal blows up in the microwave.
Happiness wiped out sadness in my mind.

Soy beans!

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