Friday, August 29, 2008

Explorers of Time! Part 1.

Umm... you probably know who I am by now... but who cares! I'm Sugar, and my brain is not working! But, evil mom is making me do a post anyway... so I'll give you a post... mwahaha... Ok, so I'll ruin the whole concept of my Pokemon Mystory Dungeon: Explorers of Time for you! Mwahaha... or, I'll just tell you about it... which will probably get you lots of info, or ruin the fun of fiding stuff out for your self. But who cares!:

I am a pokemon... piplup, named Bubble! But, I was a HUMAN!!!!!!! I couldn't remember anything, besides my name (Bubble!) and the fact that I was human. That's when I met Quil. Some thugs stole his relic fragment, so we battled them (because that's what we pokemon do!) and got it back. We became best friends, and soon after I discovered... the scream. MWAHAHAH! Sorry.

We signed up as an exploration team, team Diamond (because that's what I was crazy with a couple months ago). We were only apprentices, but we could still do stuff. Quil and Bidoof (another apprentice) showed us around tresure town. Then we went to buy stuff... doing so, we met Marill and Azurill. They were brothers (although they looked like girls) and they were buying apples. Then Azurill, the younger one, dropped an apple. So I, being string (strong!) and AWESOME did this: PICKED IT UP! After giving it back, I got a dizzy spell...

And you will have to wait for more... I probably won't post on the weakends. STAY WITH ME MAMA!

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Rhea said...

Hey, Sugar! I read your mom's blog and decided to hop over and say hi.

I love your cooking sessions featured on your mom's blog too.

I can see you like Pokemon a lot. And Drake and Josh. My boys love both those things a lot too.

I'm a writer, and you know what the best thing to do for writer's block? Sit down and just start journaling about your day. Just write about what you did today, what you wanted to do or what you didn't want to do, etc. It might lead to something. The trick is to just start writing, no matter what comes out. It gets the creative process moving. :o)

Brian and Staci said...

Hi Sugar!!! Your blog is awesome! I came over from your Mom's blog (her blog is awesome too!) I just have boys...3 and I don't know much about HSM...but Pokemon is moving up on my 6 yr old's list of tv shows! Good luck with the writing! I can't wait to check back! Nice to meet ya! (I love the award you presented your mom with ---very sweet!)

Sugar said...

Thanks for the tips Rhea!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Love your blog, Sugar. I followed your Mom's link from her blog.
Hi Mom!
Sometimes sitting in a quiet place helps my creativity.
My son, he's 11, also likes Pokemon. He's got the cards. He watches the cartoons.
Hang in there, next thing you know, we'll be buying your books!

Bobbi said...

Hi Sugar! How cute is the name Sugar?! Anyway, I found you thru your mom's blog, so I wanted to check you out. You have a great site!

My 16 yo daughter used to love Pokemon when she was your age.

Keep up the good work!