Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hi! It's Sugar! I have writer's block, so I'm STILL not posting my story for a while... maybe I'll make a new one... to go along with the one I have... or just forget about the one I have... I like Pi is getting to be a place with lots of ...'s. Well, here's your random amount of quotes that may or may not be the amount of 13! (wow, that was a mouthfull)

1: So my laughbox isn't broken and it was a cruel lie that sent me into spiraling depression-- SpongeBob, SpongeBob Squarepants

2: Mom: Want more milk, Teddiursa?

Teddiursa: I don't want milk, I'm a vegetarian now.

Me: Milk isn't meat! Milk is cow juice! --Me, Teddiursa, and My mom.

3: Josh: I hope you go bald!

Drake: I hope they cancel Oprah!

Josh: TAKE THAT BACK!-- Drake and Josh, Drake and Josh

4: Me: EMERGENCY! Dental health dinosaur comercial! --Me

And My mind is blank now. I will rant on about... I don't know. There's nothing to rant about today. Oh, here's a quote!

5: Bramblepaw, you great lump!--Firestar, The Warrior Series

I like warriors, as you can see. I gave Jessie and Ella warrior nicknames! Ella is Dawnkit and Jessie is Fuzzykit. Me, Teddiursa, Squirtle, Silversong, and Pichu have warrior NICKNAMES! That's what I'll tell you!

Mine: Snowysong/Amberstripe (she died in our game because I had to leave the park. So, Silersong pretended to be a dog, and killed me.)

Silversponge (oops. That's too funny to erase!) Silversong! It's a warrior's name on it's own!

Squirtle: Kindheart (yah, it can be a warrior's name! Silversong was her mentor! That means that she trained her.)

Pichu: Brightfire

Teddirusa: Fuzzyfire! (Mwahaha!)

Now, I'm out of ideas. Uhh.... this might take a while... OK I'm blank. Uhh.. untill next time!

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i am WILDFIRE!!!! i changed remember sugar?