Thursday, March 12, 2009

They Stole it! :-O

The Stolen Tales

I, detective Mr. E. Solver, stepped into the musty old library where a criminal had
stolen the last copy in the world of “The Rahmen Tales”. Shelves had been knocked over
and books had been ruined with footprints and even some coffee stains. It seemed that the
criminal had two goals, to get “The Rahmen Tales” and destroy the library.

The room was a mess as a result of the break-in. Before, I was told the library was in
its regular state. The books were set upon the dusty shelves; the old library was mixed
with the technology of computers, copiers, and fax machines. The room was filled with
light from the windows and the fixtures above.

Now, tables were upturned, their shining metal legs twisted. The front desk had been
ransacked for money from overdue books, and business cards were scattered everywhere.
Shelves were turned over on their sides, leaving old and tattered books scattered all over
the floor, trampled by feet and acquiring more tears than before the break-in. The whole
library smelled of blood, dirt, and coffee.

Many footprints dotted the dusty floor. I decided that there were too many footprints
ranging in too many sizes to be a one-person break-in. There were fingerprints along the
windows where the criminals may have entered. The glass case that held “The Rahmen
Tales” was smashed, so bits of clear glass lay everywhere, threatening to hurt the feet of
people with its sharpness. These were also mixed with the shattered glass from the light
fixtures above.

Along with “The Rahmen Tales” missing, computer monitors were taken, and the
copy machine was taken. Popular books such as “Long Shadows” and “Breaking Dawn”
were also stolen. But the crooks obviously cut themselves on the glass, because there was
blood smeared on the window.

I put on a pair of rubber gloves and began to pick up a few items off the floor. I
carefully broke a piece of glass off the blood stained window. I took some more shattered
glass off the floor to analyze for fingerprints. I heard the wind blow into the room,
sweeping dust off the floor and making book pages fly. I took a ratty looking book with
me too, just in case.

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Homeschool said...

I love this post! :D

U R so funny, sugar...

Sugar said...

Thanks Annika. Yes, I know its you *evil look*