Tuesday, October 28, 2008

.:: Chapter 3: The Prophecy ::.

.:: Chapter 3: The Prophecy ::.
A woman with a dark purple robe and long pale blond hair walked onto the podium. She didn’t look very old, maybe in her mid 20’s. Her pale purple eyes were wandering the room for a minuet, until she locked eyes with Tiffany and nodded. Tiff shook her head no, but the woman mouthed the word “yes.”

“Hello Ibnyta. I am Sayer the Ximin, and I bring news about the Black Ibnyta. Entony plans an ambush on us, a very unusual one. He only plans to attack one family, and that is the Jynna family.”

I looked up at Sayer in horror, sweating rapidly. I peeped at Pilate, and he was doing the same. So this is what Tiff and Sayer were nodding and mouthing about I thought in horror. Horror was all I felt. Just plain horror.

“You shouldn’t leave your house for a while, so the mortals don’t find out about us,” Sayer continued. “Entony will strike as soon as possible, because of a prophecy.”

“What is that prophecy?” I asked. I hoped that it had nothing to do with me, Tiff, or Pilate dying. OK, scratch Pilate off that list.

“Three children of Jynna shall be born
No similarities between them will be worn
The death of them shall be seaked
But word of this shall soon be leaked
The family will know of your coming
For soon they shall begin their running
The combination that can't be beat
Will leave the darkness king in defeat”

I breathed a sigh of relief that it mentioned nothing of dying. Pilate’s reaction was to hoot about killing Entony, which I have to admit, would be pretty cool.

“Do not cry tears of joy just yet. I told Entony this twenty five years ago, and he has tried to alter the flow of time. He has succeeded, but it was just small toying. His goal was to stop you from being born, but I’m guessing that he altered the battle you will have with him.”

My heart jumped into my throat. His goal was to stop you from being born. That small segment repeated in my mind. What if it happened? I thought, desperately trying to cling to the last bit of sanity inside me.

The rest of the meeting passed us by. Sayer said things about how healthy the Ximin are, and when the next Ibni will die, lame stuff like that. After a while, I dozed off, and was woken about an hour later on the bus.

They must have carried me I thought groggily. When the three of us got home, all I could think of was that stupid prophecy, and Entony messing with the time stream. About being in total lockdown, and how this would affect everything. Life sucks.

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Rhea said...

Great new installment of the story. You've upped the tension nicely. Good job!

Lula! said...

You are brilliant. One day I'll meet you in person and ask for your autograph. Yes, I will.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oooo... it's starting to get Good!

Not that the other parts weren't good.. it's just getting Gooder.

Which is NOT a word... I know.