Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Tale of Jet Parker and Ashley

Jet Parker worked at an avalanche rescue facility. He was born on the top of Mt. Jakli, a mysterious mountain in the middle of Asia that lost travelers wandered onto. The mountain had constant avalanches, so his parents rescued them. He went on rescue missions with his father just at three weeks, and thought the work there was too easy.
On his 2nd birthday, Jet found a white wolf on the mountain that swam all the way from Canada. Jet took her to his parent’s rescue facility, and they nursed her to health. He called the wolf Ashley, and they were partners through and through.
When they were about 6, Jet and Ashley became huge and fast. They could travel from Fuji to Everest in less than a millisecond, and that was just their walking. This was used to their advantage for rescues, and things around the facility.
Jet and Ashley continued to grow, so the facility had to grow with them. It doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and ouctuppled. Along with this, they got faster and stronger. They could rescue people faster than lightning, and lightning is pretty fast. Although Jet though this as a noble deed, he still wanted to know the mystery of this Mt. Jakli.
One day, as he was rescuing a young looking couple, he heard someone whisper, “Psst! Jet Parker!” Jet immediately threw the couple towards the facility, and hoped that they landed there instead of flying over the whole world three times and landing behind him like he had done a few years ago. Ashley barked at him, obviously annoyed as they walked to the noise, through the avalanche. To Ashley and Jet, this avalanche was like a small, shallow, creek that someone would wade in.
They found out it was a little man, standing in front of a little cave. He wore nothing but a cloth around his waist. “Ah, Jet,” he said, wearing a smile on his wrinkled face. “I have lived for one thousand long years, but never have seen anything like you!” Jet looked confused. He didn’t know if he should believe the little man, or think that he was crazy and got a hold of a beer somewhere out here.
Before he could make up his mind, the little old man continued, “Allow me to explain, for I see you are confused. I am Alex Bob, the creator of Mt. Jakli. The name doesn’t speak it, but I’m a sorcerer.”
Now Jet was sure that this man was going crazy. Who had ever heard of a one thousand-year-old sorcerer named Alex Bob? Jet had no idea if he should rip him up with Ashley, or let him speak more before ripping him up.
Jet let him live for now, as Alex Bob continued, “I can guess that you are wondering how Mt. Jakli came to be. The secret, my dear boy, is in the mountain cave. But alas, you are too large to fit in.”
“Why can’t you just tell me?” asked Jet, getting annoyed. Ashley let out a low growl signifying that she didn’t trust the Alex Bob sorcerer man.
“It is a magic concealed inside the cave preventing me from telling anyone the secret. But, if you can rescue someone from the largest avalanche ever, I could give you a temporary shrinking potion so you could find out the secret within.”
Jet was shocked. He doesn’t believe that I can rescue someone from the largest avalanche ever? Thought Jet in anger. I can!
“I accept your challenge,” said Jet. “But don’t worry; I won’t be but a second.”
Alex Bob snickered and asked Jet to get his parents. He was already holding his mom and dad in his arms. But Alex Bob snatched them away and strapped them on a small table, then pushed them to the middle of the mountain, walked into his cave, and screamed, “AVALANCHE!”
The next second, snow tumbled down the mountain; they were a good ways down, but it was coming down fast. Jet looked up to see if the facility was OK, but it was coming down with the avalanche. He quickly ripped the straps off his parents and put them on Ashley’s back.
“Take them to Puerto Rico where they can start a new life and be happy,” Jet said. Faster than lightning, Ashley took off. Jet shed a small tear before realizing that the facility was about to crash into him. Stunned by shock, he stood there while his birthplace killed him like a bug.
Alex Bob cackled, and went off into his mountain cave. Meanwhile, Ashley came from Puerto Rico to check on Jet. But when she got to Mt. Jakli, she found her beloved partner Jet dead on the snow. Weeping for her lost loved one, she killed half the population of China. The End.
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Rhea said...

Goodness, Sugar, this was a tragedy! You have one awesome imagination though. Very, very cool.

I want to live happily ever after in Puerto Rico too.