Monday, November 10, 2008

.:: Chapter 4: Breaking in and Blowing up ::.

.:: Chapter 4: Breaking in and Blowing up ::.
Three days have passed since our confinement to this small apartment building. Tiffany stocked up on food, and Pilate must have gotten out some spare annoying-ness, because he's been more annoying than usual.

I was reading and thinking about this suckish life when Tiffany called us for dinner. Pilate was busy complaining about not being able to fly around in the apartment, but Tiffany took no notice. I looked down. It wasn't much, just some tomato soup. That's all we had these days. Soup.

But when I was about to slurp up the remains of the oh-so delicious soup, I heard a noise by the window facing an alley. I walked up to it, to see if Tiffany's window plants had mutated, when I saw a dark shadow. It whispered my name. Annabelle.

I shivered, and closed the window. But as I turned around, I saw large steak knives dancing around in the air. Some sort of black air was swirling them, so I took a crack at guessing. Entony.

That’s right, the air seemed to say. The knives swerved towards me, gleaming in the kitchen’s light. So I did the first thing that came to mind: I blew up the sink. The water pounded the knives, and they dropped to the floor. Tiff got some of her pink steak knives and had them battle the regular ones, as Pilate and I shot a ray of crystals and sapphires at them.

Soon, the steak knives faded into the shadows as the three of us stared. “You have done well fighting off my black magic,” a vaguely familiar voice said to us. Then the person the voice belonged to stepped out of the shadows and into the light. Entony. My guess was correct. I wish it wasn’t.

Before thinking, I blew up the dish washer, because I had blown up the sink already. But I had gotten to close, so Entony grabbed my leg. His touch sent bad energy, sort of painful energy through me. I grabbed my head in pain, and he seized the moment to throw me. Then all was silent.

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Rhea said...

Uh, oh. This chapter didn't end well. I think it's so cool she can blow things up.

Have you ever watched Charmed? One of the sisters could blow things up...Piper, I think. I thought that was awesome.

Sugar said...

Hey rhea. She can only blow up the sink and dish washer because they have water somewhere in them. Tee hee hee. i like things like this..