Friday, October 3, 2008

.:: Chapter 1: Ibnyta, Ibni for short ::.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Annabelle Jynna. I may look like an ordinary girl, but I’m just the opposite. I am one of the Ibnyta, or the Ibni for short. Each of us has two special powers to control, and a gem to control with it.

My powers are water and space, and my special gem is sapphire. The other two living members of my family are Ibni too. First there’s Tiffany, the legal guardian of our family. She has fire, magic, and her gem is opal. Then there’s my annoying twin Pilate. He has earth and sky, and his gem is an aqua colored crystal.

Only a handful of Ibni have space, magic, and sky. We were lucky ones who didn’t live three hundred years ago. Back then, if you had one of the rare powers you were considered a witch. Nowadays, you’re special if you have these.

“Annabelle!” called Tiffany.

I trudged to the kitchen hoping for not yet another Ibni council meeting. The meetings are to discuss things that can put us Ibni in potential danger, like the Black Ibnyta. The Black Ibnyta are not like the regular Ibni, and are evil. Here are the reasons I hate them:

First, the only power they control is darkness, and black gems, and that represents evil. Second, they are evil(duh). And third, they cause council meetings which I have to attend.

“Great Ibni, is this another council meeting? The last one was only two days ago,” I complained realizing that there was a meeting because Tiffany was dressed formally.

Without waiting for a response, I trudged back to my room. I found my silky, spaghetti strapped blue dress with the flowy bottom half. After getting dressed, I pinned my deep brown hair in a bun, and admired myself in the mirror.

Then, out of the blue, the twin terror crashes through the window. It startled me so much, that the sink blew up with water.

“Why did you do that to my room?!?” I asked, horrified at what it looked like. If you were to walk in just now, you would see a boy with messy black hair on a bed with flower print, water leaking out of the wall, and a whole lot of broken glass on the floor. A pretty sight.

I sighed and kicked Pilate out. Literally, kicked him. After that, I used the water from the wall and slid it out of the room and onto the heads of the citizens under our high apartment. I repaired the window with sapphires, so that—oh wait, these aren’t diamonds. After the hoop earings were securely in my ears, I went to Tiffany, telling her I was ready to go.


OK, who was who in our game? I'll tell you:

Me- Annabelle

Pichu- Tiffany

War- Pilate

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Bobbi said...

Annabelle sounds like a neat character! I like that her gem is sapphire - it's one of my favorite stones!

Rhea said...

Fun first chapter! I like your main character. She has attitude that comes through very well in your writing. Keep it up!