Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let's Gather 'Roud The Campfire and Sing our Campfire Song...

Oh bloggoverse… guess whose back….. It’s SUGAR! I’ve been lazy with the posting as usual… but today I will tell you about camping with my Girl Scout troop! We went to Camp Timber Ridge, which was a Girl Scout campsite (of course)! Pikachu (who is in fact in my troop!) and I stayed in a platform tent together. There were 3 inhabited tents (not including our leader and a girl’s mom) but, I am too lazy to give everyone nicknames. So I will just leave it to Pikachu and me.

We had to cook our own foods, AND LIGHT FIRES A LOT LATER THAN THE TROOP LEADER SAID TO! Whatever shall we do with her? Anyway, here is our eatery schedule:
Breakfast: Eggs in a bag, and biscuits
Lunch: Sandwiches
Dinner: Chicken that we lighted the fire TOO EARLY FOR! It took 3 hours to make!
Breakfast: Pancakes in a bag and fruit salad
Lunch: More sandwiches! At the abandon campsite!
Dinner: Campfire stew! It is made of meat, meat broth, tomatoes, rice, corn, peas, green beans, lima beans, and carrots. THIS ALSO TOOK 3 HOURS TO MAKE!!!
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Sandwiches! YAH!

We were there to repair an abandon campsite called Trailing Waters. On Saturday we repaired the fire ring. Everyone had to smooth everything out! It was an exhausting hour and a half. Mleh.

On Sunday, the 7 of us looked at 6 Adirondacks while another looked at the pavilion. Pikachu and I were sharing two, and there were lots of roof rips due to trees/branches. In the end, ours had these problems:

Yes, I did draw a pie on my assessment sheet. This is just the one I was in charge of. You people should see Pikahcu’s! I was #4 and Pikachu was #5. Byeeeeee!

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Lula! said...

You were roughing it. Truly. Three hours to prepare a meal? I would've called Papa John's for delivery. Yep.

Loved your pie picture. That made me happy.

Rhea said...

Awesome camping trip! What's this all about eggs in a bag and pancakes in a bag?! And cooking chicken for THREE HOURS?! No one should have to cook for that long, yikes!