Sunday, October 26, 2008

.:: Chapter 2: Lucky Socks ::.

.:: Chapter 2: Lucky Socks ::.
I felt kind like I was sticking out on the way to the meeting. Why? Tiff isn't old enough to drive yet, so we take the bus or subway everywhere. Today, we took the bus. Who takes a bus in the middle of suburban Georgia and wears formal dresses? Not normal people.

Well, since our small family is anything but normal, it's us that get put on someone's blog, in their journal, or in the newspaper. Yes, we're that weird. I wonder how many people are staring at me in my formal blue gown, Tiffany in her sparkly red one with the sparkly heels, or Pilate in his tux...

When the bus dropped us off at Stone Mountain, our Georgian attraction, we went to the top. Sorta. I made a trail of water and surfed up the mountain, Pilate flew, and Tiffany just poofed to the top. Then we scanned the mountain top until we saw it...

Tiffany pointed to the small swirling blue void. She touched it, and instantly she fell in. Pilate and I did the same, falling into that starry blue void. It feels like flying, not falling into infinite blue.

After some time we were in; great, Jameson’s place. Did he live in a sock? It sure reeked of sock and it looked like a fuzzy room. Jameson was Diadra, the leader's son.

Each meeting was held in someone's personal object. Jimson was big on sports, so his personal object was one of his lucky socks. Eew.

In about ten minuets, Diadra saw that everyone was present, so she started talking. At first it was just droning on about how the leaders had been well and protected, and she had apologized for the horrid place.

But then, Diadra said something important.

“Entony and the Black Ibnyta have been getting stronger every day. Sayer the Ximin has come here to tell us more.”
I know it was kind of short, but in chapter 3 it hits them! That’s all the hint I’ll give out now. Cia!
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Rhea said...

I love how those three each take different ways up the mountain!! Very cool. And having the meeting in a SOCK?! That's wacky, but very creative (and stinky)! I love the way you write, very cool!