Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Fluffy Haikus

OK, today I'm doing a bunch of haikus about food, to go with each question on my mom's blog. OK!

Chicken is joyful
It makes me wanna eat more
Especially fried

Cookie dough is good
Makes me wanna sing with joy
La la la la la (what? Its 5 syllables xD)

Vanilla ice cream
Loving it with caramel
Shove it my mouth

Peanut butter pie
This pie does not go "Bye-Bye"
It stays in your soul

Edward Cullen yeah…
He really should sign my cast
Then we'd get married

Chicken legs; ooh ahh
These legs define awesomeness
They're in my stomach

All Abouts are gone
Thin Mints have taken over
They're awesome frozen

Popcorn is purdy
Sour patch kids are sour
M&m's just are

Cookie dough ice cream
It sends me off to dream land
It's just so perfect

The answer is yes
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
That's my answer yes

And our special So What edition haiku

So what I rock star
Na na na na na na na
You aren't fare never were (what? Nobody said haikus have to be grammatically correct?)

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Kat said...

I like the Edward Cullen one. You are too freakin' creative!

Oh...and thank you very much for changing your theme song. I think you might have been scaring your potential readers...

Nissa said...

Boy, your mom was right. I'm seriously hungry, now. *stomach grumbling*. Great 'kus!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Ahhh, nothing like some good post-lunch haikus :)

Rhea said...

My favorite line was "M&Ms just are." lol And I had no idea that signing someone's cast was equivalent to a binding marriage ceremony in Georgia. very cool. hehe

mommytoalot said...

Great blog Sugar

silversong said...

yay!!!! i remembered my password and can post comments now!!!!! *dances to caramelldansen* PEANUT BUTTER PIE???????!!!!!! THAT IS A DISGRACE TO THE NAME OF PIE! i no likes peanutbutter. XP wat's a haiku??????

silversong said...

hey, sugar can you go to my blog and tell me how to put pics on the posts?

Shannon said...

Great questions... a subject I love dearly.. FOOD! ;)

heathersister said...

Love the Edward one!!

Those are great.

silversong said...

deer bones in the woods
gleaming in the leaves
the doggies eats them.

like it? i FINALLY figured out what a haiku is! i wrote this in response. ooh! i'll do one about jayfeather!

jayfeather's blue eyes
gleam in the moon light so bright
blind and beautiful

Homeschool said...

I loves your haikus! Especially "mnms just are". :DDD

Sugar said...

Thanks for commenting! I just love your comment love :) If only you commented more often :)

Homeschool Happenings said...


Homeschool Happenings said...

I'll comment again...

The "So What" one is so funny. I did one based on So What too--

I'm still a rock star
I have my rock moves oh yeah
And I don't need you

2nd part
Guess what I'm havin'
More fun and now that we're done
I'll show you tonight

lol...that was actually just writing the song...


Homeschool Happenings said...

I like Hermione's haiku:

I hope you're pleased with
yourselves. We could all have been
killed—or worse, expelled.
—Hermione Granger, book one

lol... not as good as yours tho