Friday, December 19, 2008

What a Sugary Christmas!

Hello people of all ages. Welcome to a world of festivities. December is one of my favorite times of year (along with Summer break, Spring break, and Thanksgiving break ^x^). So many things happen then.

First Amberstripe and Blotchblaze (mine and Silversong's stuffed animals) have their anniversary on the 16th (but this year they celebrated on the 18th). Then we have the Tuesday before Christmas where me and Squirtle exchange Christmas gifts. Then comes Christmas eve. Our church has a 5-o-clock service, and every year I play piano before the service.

Then it is Christmas morning. All the presents awaiting us, and Teddiursa sneaking downstairs before the opening of presents. Naughty naughty girl. Then of course new years eve... the most important day of the year. Why is that? It's my birthday! But today, I'm going to talk about Christmas eve and Christmas morn.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is going to church service. I really like playing piano there, and this year I'm playing "I Wonder as I Wander." And I also really love singing "Silent Night." When the lights all go out, and we wave candles. It's so awesome.

And who could forget Christmas dinner? All that food on the table, begging to be eaten. Especially the ham, deviled eggs, and more. And desert... I think I have a pie with my name on it xD

Then there's Christmas morning. And the knowledge that I'll get more of this stuff 6 days later. Some of my favorite gifts are these:

The gift of life (given to me 6 days after Christmas, thanks mom!), My Nintendo DS (thanks granny!) my mp3 player (thanks daddy!), I giant bag of summer things for a surprise cruise in April (thanks Nina!) and my yellow puffle (thanks Teddirusa!). And of course my old bike (which is now too small for Teddiursa) and some electric scooters. Thanks for the gift of vehicels! I hope for the Christmas that I'm 15, I'll get a car (I'll be able to drive it on my own 6 days later. Until then, I'll stick with my learner's permit xD)

One vivid memory I have is from our old house. Teddiursa was about 3 or 4, and she got a mini slide. And all she ever wanted to do was go up and down the slide. No opening more presents, oh no. Because slides are all the rage.

Speaking of Christmas presents. I have a present for you:

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Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I'm TOTALLY with you on the Silent NIght thing at church. And I DON"T like it when people mess with it. Sing it straight people. One year the music guy at my mom's church jazzed it up and sang it fast and I was MAD... NOT what you do with SIlent NIght.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Rhea said...

Thank you for the early Christmas gift, Sugar. I love the music and the houses that light up to it. Just awesome.

It sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas planned and wonderful memories of Christmases past. And I didn't know your birthday was New Year's Eve! That's sooo cool.

And look at you, already talking about driving. sheesh.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...


I wanna know what you got for Christmas!!!!