Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sugary Guide to Disney World

Hello world and all who inhabit it! Today, I'll be talking about Disney from a kid's perspective. I'll be discussing all the rides I've been on, and how much awesomeness they are made of. Now, lets talk about Magic Kingdom.

Ahh Magic Kingdom. Home of Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain. Those are three of my favorite rides in Magic Kingdom. The wet/rollarcoasters. My faves.

Splash Mountain is my favorite out of these three. You start by waiting in line for an hour. At least. Our shortest wait time was about an hour. Haha. There are signs all over the place saying: "You may get wet!"

When you've stood in line for at least an hour, you get into the log flune thingy. Where there are no seatbelts. No over the head bars. No bars at all. Just you and the log. And a little something in front of you to hold on to.

Now, as you are calmly swaying in the boat, through whatever disney movie it was made after, you come across a drop. Fear enters your body. But as you go down, you realize it is only about a 3 foot drop. Scary, if you are an ant.

As you go along, you come across a medium sized drop. And the drop is in darkness. MUAHAHA. After floating along, you begin to go up a large track. O so very LARGE. While riding up, you stomach practices gymnastics. Then you must smile, because all great log flumes take your picture. Before you know it, you are plunging to your death. Oh wait, you live. Nevermind.

Now for my other favorite ride in Magic Kingdom: Space mountain. I reccomend going during the fireworks, or getting a fastpass. Fastpasses can be discussed over on Mom's Blog.

Anyway, if you go during fireworks, you can run through the line. For five minuets. With your dad.Unless you dad is in a retirement home. Then, you can't. Anyway, once you get to the loading area, you will be asked to pick a seat. And they aren't together. If you don't like drops, sit in the middle. You can apparently feel the drops more if you sit in the back.

Another tip: Don't stick your hands up! The tracks are too close together. But if you don't want your arm/arms, stick them up as much as you want!

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Kat said...

And those are the two I don't like very much. Cause I don't like to be wet. And I do like Space Mountain - but it squishes my knees too much.

My favorites are Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I like Space Mountain.. but I hear they're changing it! I just like that constant feeling that I'm about to have my head lobbed off.

I like Haunted Mansion too... and Pirates... and the teacups... and I like the Matterhorn but I think they only have that at Disneyland...

Rhea said...

I haven't been to Disney World since I was a kid. But I remember Epicot Center...that's about it. Sad, I know.

Homeschool said...

I love Space Mountain! And the Rockin Roller Coaster. Did u go on that one?

We went on Space Mountain 4 times in a row (no joke!). We went at a very un-busy time, so there was harly any wait for any of the rides! :DD