Monday, December 1, 2008

Going Insane

Hello world and all who inhabit it! My mom over at Sunshine and Lemonade tagged me for a meme. Sort of. She uses random letter generator to find me a random letter! So what is my letter, you ask? Can't you tell by the bolded word? Its "G"!

1: Graystripe- A character from the warriors series! He was captured by twolegs in either Dawn or Moonrise, and came back with his new mate, Millie, in The Sight

2: Grovyle- My favorite pokemon! The reason is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. He was my best friend from the future.

3: Girls Rule, Boys Drool- The title says it all : D

4: Gifts- Oh gifts! Destroying the wrapping paper, playing with it, then getting it brutally taken away by mom

5: Goodbye- A song by Miley Cyrus. Great song, its on now. But if you took your time, you might be on "Breaking The Habit" by Linkin Park or "thnks fr th mmrs" by Fall out Boy. Maybe even "Sacrifice" a video game theme, AKA the last one on there.

6:Greenleaf- The word used for summer in the warriors series. As you can see, I'm going absolutely insane with warriors. Did you know I'm on Outcast?

7: Georgia Cyclone: My favorite ride at six flags over Georgia. A really fun, skull cracking wooden ride.

8: Google Searches: I pretty much use this to see how many awards my favorite artist won, how many inversions a roller coaster has, and song lyrics. And band history.

9: Grits casserole: My favorite food-- besides pie.

10: Going completely and utterly INSANE! - YES! THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL... AGAIN!

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Rhea said...

You're on Outcast? I have no idea what that means.

My boys say that girls drool, but I disagree. :o)

Elena said...

I had to come see your G list. I got the letter G from your mom too. Gifts was one of mine, and I almost did Google. You've got fun things.

Homeschool Happenings said...

cool! :D