Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Hey peoples! Today is Valentines Day! Have a happy V day as I like to call it. Well today was the last day of LEAD :( and I'm so sad!!! But I will tell you about my friends. They are Squirtle (by now you can tell that I like pokemon) , Goldeneye (she likes warriors) Roses (she likes roses :) ) and Silversong (she also like warriors. They are a series of books about kitties (but not your ordinary cat a warrior cat!!!) yay). I also take classes there: Latin, Art, and Folkdancing. In Latin we learned the third conjugation of verbs. We also got a little homework =(. In art we did our art show that we do at the end of the session. I made lots of interesting things. One thing was faical expressions, so I made a sad girl. But It wasn't a girl girl! It was Harry Potter crying because he got turned into a girl! So now he's Harriat Potter! And in folkdancing we did some square dances that were fun. I was partners with Dancer (a friend that I forgot to mention) once and Roses the next time. Our teacher is Squirtle's mom. Well now on to the not fun stuffs. Schoolwork :( :( :( :( :(. Today I did some textbook exercises that were easy. I finished up a grammer test (I HATE GRAMMER!!! No offense to anyone who likes it) and read a book about suffrage (It was okay). So that's my day! Oh and War and Pichu came into our backyard and playes (NOTE: War is now War and Piolate)


claire said...

Hey katie!!! u forgot to mention that squirtle hates gramer to!!!!

silversong said...

and silversong!!!!!! cu at lead! :)