Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hi this is Sugar. I’m soooooooo sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time! Almost a week. Waaaaaaaa! But I am doing something new! Yaysers! One random day of the week I will make an art picture and post it on my blog. This will be awesome! Today I made one. So next week I will make another. Here it is:

Like it? There will be more next week! But on with the details. Those people on the boat are fishing for gummie fish. Notice that one girl has some sort of stuff on her face? That’s part of the boat. That swirly tree is a lollipop. That stuff next to it is some dude’s baseball gear. The helmet is made from a lollipop and gum. The ball is made from a milk dud. And the bat is a solid chocolate bar (milk chocolate). That flower is gum drops and a lollipop. And finally, those birds are twizlers. Stay tuned!

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my5wolfcubs said...

That is a very sugary picture you drew!
Love your blog redesign and the picture(s) of you! I tagged you for a "What's on your desk?" Meme -- you're supposed to take a picture of your desk, post it to your blog and tag 5 other people. :)