Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What if...

1. What if we could breathe underwater?

2. What if you could buy skills?

3. What if men were treated like crap instead of women in the middle ages?

4. What if llamas could make the world's best omlets?

5. What if you met someone compleatly composed of bubble gum?

6. What if Florida suddenly turned into an ice box?

7. What if murder was legal?

8. What if English was the world's only language?

9. What if the question had no answer?

10. What if the driving age was five?

11. What if pie could talk?

12. What if all dolphins were immortal?

13. What if all anyone ever felt was pain?

14. What if all the world's sand turned into amoebas?

15. What if alchemists succeaded in turning lead into gold?

16. What if pencils were myths?

17. What if this paper got up and bit you?

18. What if Ella was a ponie?

19. What if all the people who live in the ghetto suddenly turned rich?

20. What if penguins originated from Pluto?

21. What if a new number existed between 11123.73 and 1123.74?

22. What if a a baby was the dictator of the world?

23. What if idiots were the healthiest food ever?

24. What if all the clocks on the face of the earth spontaniously combusted?

25. What if all the world's assassins turned into gel pens?

26. What if having a name that began with the letter "X" was illegal?

27. What if everything was a lie?

28. What if chocolate was inedible?

29. What if this list went on forever?

30. What if afdooga was another word for smart?

31. What if everyone was emo?

32. What if there was world peace?

33. What if everyone in China gave you five dollars?

34. What I weren't hungry right now?

35. What if pudding never existed??

36. What if Edward Cullen's real name was Gertrude?

37. What if thumbtacks could cure all ilness?

38. What if everything was a certain shade of blue?

39. What if everyone in the world threw a tomato at Santa Claus?

40. What if electric blue and neon yellow were Christmas colors?

41. What if warbafonkeltonitarmenzioto was a word?

42. What if flowers could read?

43. What if large tumors coming out of the armpit were considered attractive?

44. What if pink wasn't a color?

45. What if humans were born with blue butts?

46. What if EVERYONE liked pie?

47. What if the most popular name for boys was Guydude?

48. What if someone suddenly said April and September weren't months anymore?

49. What if coulds were made of ice cream?

50. What if people could really fall into books?

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Homeschool Happenings said...

1. Everyone would live underwater in big glass domes

2. I would save up for speaking Spanish, and Italian, and French, and Irish.

3. Then this question would be, "What if woman were treated like crap instead of men in the middle ages?"

4. I would have one in my house

5. I would freak out

6. Disney World would freeze 0_o

7. Everyone would be dead

8. It would make it a lot easier, but a lot more boring

9. It would be a statement

10. Everyone would be dead

11. Nobody would eat it

12. There would be too many of them

I would love to answer the rest, but that would be too long :( Great post!!

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Meesa said...

This is Mees-Alees... I don't know if you've heard of me, but you're mom commented on my mom's blog, so maybe you have! Anyways, I saw that you have a Percy Jackson book on you're sidebar... Are you a fan of that series? I am! I am reading the last book in the series at the moment and am loving it!


Lessa of Ruatha said...