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Theras and His Town

Theras and His Town

Theras was a young boy who lived in Athens, Greece. When he turned seven, he started going to school like all the other boys. He was the best of his age in running, as he found out by racing many other boys.

One day when Theras was ten, his father gave him two Drachmas. Young boys weren’t allowed in the marketplace alone, so his father would have to go with Theras. But his father was busy, and had to wait for the next day

Theras wanted to go right then! So he snuck out of the house to spend his two shiny Drachmas. He spent the first on a ball, and the second on bread to offer to a goddess.

On his way back home, the man who sold him the ball stopped him and asked to show him the Medusa, the ship in the harbor. Theras told the toy man that his father would take him the next day, but the toy man argued that the Medusa would leave tomorrow. Theras was in despair, but the toy man offered to take him to see it.

When they got to the harbor, the toy man brought Theras onto a sailboat. There he tied Theras up and prepared for him to be sold as a slave. Theras soon fell asleep. He was awoken by the toy man cursing and yelling. He was doing so because Theras’ father had come to rescue him!

A year passed, and there was even more excitement in the Athenian house. Theras’ father was going to fight for Athens! Everyone was sad when he got on the ship that took him away. A few months later, Metion, a family relative, reported that the ship with half Theras’ dad’s life savings had sunken. Later, he reported that he died in the war. The whole house was stricken with grief.
Then Metion proposed that Theras should go live in Sparta with Hippias as his faster father. Theras was therefore brought to Sparta against his will.

When he got there he was made fun of and called girlie, because the Athenian custom was to grow your hair long and cut it when you are an adult. The Spartan custom is the opposite. He also couldn’t understand the Spartan language or get the drills straight. But he was a good swimmer and runner, and gained respect for that.

At first the Spartan ways seemed so new, and Theras learned to like them. But eventually they grew boring to Theras. He decides to escape, and take a Perioikoi boy with him named Abas.
On their way to Athens, Theras and Abas encounter many dangers. They are hunted by the Spartans, are almost caught at an inn sold as slaves, and almost get killed by a lynx. One day, Abas injures his ankle badly and Theras has to carry him. Soon, Abas goes mad and starts mumbling, “Hungry, hungry!”

One day, Theras sees a group of men and begs them to help Abas. They put him on a litter and carried them to Athens.

When he goes to his house, an unfamiliar man answers the door. The strange man said Metion sold the house. Later he finds his mother is living with Epikides, and old friend. On his way there, he meets his father! It turns out that he was only held hostage, and finally escaped! They sued Metion for selling the house, and move back in.

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